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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Autumn Colors from Kokonoe Yume Ootsuribashi (Dream Suspension Bridge)

This week's travel and living segment in Yatie Chomeyl's Blog will brings you guys to see another famous tourist spot in Kyushu Island. This place were gifted with remarkable and outstanding view especially during this autumn season. Allow me to bring you to a fantastic sightseeing journey at Kokonoe-machi, in the Kuju area of Oita. This place is a lovely country town that is packed with onsen (hot spring) and some other natural wonders

This town has gorgeous mountain views with autumn colors already appearing, natural hot springs, hiking trails in the Kuju mountain range, and other sights to make this a pleasant day or weekend trip.
=- momiji leaves -=

=- buat gaya konon2 chomeyl -=

The road is surrounded by the lovely tree and it made feel like I am in another part of this world. Though the road is in the S-shaped curved with a little bit of bend, turn and twist here and there; it didn't stop me from enjoying the view.
=- jalan camni bru best nak drift -=

Sepanjang perjalan di jalan bengkak bengkok tu, walaupun agak rasa pening kepala sikit..I really enjoy the view. Kereta kami di kelilingi pokok2 yang besar dan tinggi berwarna warni..meriah betul.
=- bersusun kereta, gerak macam siput je..sampai kami sempat turun untuk snap gambar ni -=

The idea of visiting this town is actually to pay a visit to The Yume Ootsuribashi (Dream Suspension Bridge). This is an impressive, walkable structure suspension bridge that allows visitors to get their bearings in the Oita wilderness.

=- the suspension bridge -=

I could tell that this was a main tourist attraction as they were so many visitors walking down the bridge. As soon as you turned into the parking lot a series of uniformed parking attendants in white gloves directed you to exactly the parking space they wanted you to take.

Ramai sangat orang since we went there during the weekend, in fact sebelum masuk parking tu pun kereta bergerak slow sangat. Baby SN pulak sepanjang kat atas kereta duk excited tunjuk sana sini, tak tahu lah apa yang dia seronok snagat tengok tuh.

=- budak kecik ecited tunjuk2 kat luar kereta -=

=- budak kecik buat gaya 'peace' jari telunjuk je -=

Before getting on the bridge there were a couple scenic overlooks to take pictures of the bridge. And, on the other side of the bridge, there were signs for several different scenic overlooks. We got caught up a little on the spot, and got various pictures of the bridge from different angles.

=- sebelum sampai kat jambatan, our 1st pit stop utk posing -=
=- sebelum naik jambatan, posing sedas dua dulu -=

This suspension footbridge, at 173 meters tall and 375 meters across, is the longest and highest of its kind in the world. For ¥500 to cross, visitors take in singular views of the Naruko-kawa gorge and two massive waterfalls pouring from towering cliffs.
=- pemandangan pokok2 kat bawah bridge..gayat weh -=

The dramatic elevation and the bridge’s slight swaying in the wind make this quite a thrilling walk for some people, but not at all to us *ecece, berlagak tu*.

Before steeping on the bridge, I imagined that it will be a little bit scary considering myself that can get nausea easily when I hopped on a moving things. But eventually, I was not intimidated at all by the suspension bridge movement made by people walking on it and also maybe by the wind blowing onto it. *padahal sebab jalan slow2 je, memang la tak pening..cuba kalau jalan laju2 lari2 atas tu, konpom pening*.

=- posing atas jambatan pulak -=

There was a small metal grating in the middle, but on both sides of this was a concrete walkway. The bridge did sway a bit when you walked on it but it was nothing at all scary. And as bridges go, it wasn't even exceptionally high up.
=- kat tengah2 bridge -=

There were so many people crossing the small path on the bridge in both directions that you walked through at a snail's pace. Plus, people will sometimes stopped here and there on the bridge just to captur ethe moment of them walking on the bridge. *kitorang la tu yang asyik berhenti posing je ekeke, terganggu lalu lintas orang lain*.
=- hamek ko, ramai gila orang ramai yang meramaikan orang di atas jambatan ini :p

Jalan kat atas bridge ni ada 2 lane la kiranya, jadi susah sikit nak memotong orang kat depan kita. Tambah2 lagi sebab I letak baby SN dalam stroller, agak susah nak 'memotong' orang yang jalan slow kat depan. Jadi nya, jalan je la slow2 macam siput kat atas bridge tu.
=- full view of the bridge -=

From the bridge, you had a great view of the Kyusui Ravine down below, as well as the two Shindo waterfalls (what are called the O-daki and Me-daki, which means man and woman waterfalls respectively). We also get the best opportunity to see brightly-colored fall foliage, during this autumn season.

=- air yang terjun dari puncak bukit menuruni celah2 bukit, lalu menjadi air terjun -=

The other side of the bridge features several small shrines. The other side of the bridge, also offers the perfect view of the bridge from the top of the hills. There were also small shops selling omiyage (souvenir) and foods. I bought a packet of baked chestnut to warm up myself *eleh alasan je..padahal memang nak makan buah berangan tu ngee*
=- posing berangan model kat depan kedai buah berangan -=

Another quick walk brings us to Shiratori Jinja (White Bird Shrine), first built 1,500 years ago, a quiet and picturesque spot. This spot is worth the climb on the stairs before reaching to this spot.

=- mode: romantic feeling -=

Memang semput gak lah nafas, tercungap2 nak mendaki tangga2 u naik kat punca bukit. Tapi it was worth the effort, nampak pemandangan seluruh jambatan dari puncak bukit ni..Subhanallah, indah betul ciptaan Allah.
=- baby SN nak turun dari meja sebab nak main lari2, haisy..rosak gambar -=

Dah kata pun ada shrine kecik kat situ kan, so ada lah jugak kertas 'wish' yang di ikat kat ranting2 pokok kat situ. Baby SN pulak sibuk2 nak tarik 'wish' yang orang gantung kat situ, agaknya dia ingat tu cuma hiasan semata2 ehehehe.

=- cubaan menarik 'wish' oleh baby SN -=

Of course, to get back to our car, we had to cross the bridge in the other direction. ~ again! (There were signs warning you to hang onto your ticket so you could get back across). And this also means that we have to go back into the crowd and plodded back very slowly across the bridge again. Thus, hubby took a video of me acting as a host to my own "Kokonoe Yume Ootsuribashi Show"; hehehe.

=- video pemandangan dari atas jambatan, abaikan suara 'merdu' perempuan yang tergagap-gagap nak sebut nama tempat ni dalam video tu -=

Budak2 kecik tu semua pun nampak seronok menikmati pemandangan daun2 maple dan momiji yang berubah warna dan gugur di bawah pokok.

=- abang2 dan kakak2 mengelilingi baby SN, mintak flying kiss eheh -=

=- ececece, siap tengok peta lagi tu -=

=- mommy tunjuk berani depan baby SN, siap usap2 kepala harimau lagi -=

=- budak kecik yang happy dapat jalan2 melihat alam pada musim luruh 2010 -=

We went to the place with 4 other Malaysians family which are Abg Azli & Kak Ida's family, Abg Sohiful & Kak Aisyah's family; Abg Sheikh & Kak Liza's family and also Huzaimy & Linda's family.
=- ahli rombongan ke Kokonoe *cari family yang paling over pose dalam gambar ini ngee* -=

It was another nice autumn excursion and we love every bits of it. I hope you guys love reading this entry too and I hope that you could also imagine yourself in one of the pictures listed above. Till we meet again in the next episode of travel and living segment in Yatie Chomeyl's Blog...bye fellas!
=- minggu depan kami bawak uolls jalan2 kat tempat lain pulak ye .. tunggggguuu -=

#Info gathered from : FUKUOKA NOW and

Pssssttt : banyak berjalan bukan setakat luas pengalaman, lenguh2 kaki juga berkunjung di kala malam hari ehehehe.

12 words of wisdom & comments:

e.l.i.z.@ said...

hahah malu² pulok dio..pdhal hubi sediri hop rekod tu..kokonoe

eh loni jepum autumn dih..igt masuk winter doh

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

comelnya lah gambar2 autumn. budak kecik dah pandai buat gaya tunjuk langit lah yati :) hehehe

Huda said...

ngeri pun ade tengok ketinggian tu kak :)

isabelle said...

baby SN buat peace dgn jari telunjuk xpe,jgn dgn jari hantu dahhhh

Affieza said...

Nanti akak kena ajar buat peace yg betul...lg cute jdnya gmbr Baby SN..hehe

transformed housewife said...

teringat dulu naik jambatan gantung pendek kat Bukit Cherakah hok ado budok2 ngenak goye' tu. maso tu kito kecik lg.

Oyis said...

masih autumn ye di sana. cantik pokok2 nya yg daun2 merah tu. abadikan la gmbr byk2. sini dogol abih dok pokok2... x dan nak posing ari tu, winter mari cpt sgt this yr. sejuk yatie.... masuk minus2 ni mmg surrender la!

eh, bestnya. tiap2 mggu u all gi jln2 kan. sporting betul ukhuwwah geng msian kat sana...

CuppyCakeMommy said...

cantikkknya..babe..hubby i might pergh lagi bulan 2 next year..if jadii i nak jumpa uu..ekekek

yatie chomeyl said...

eliza >> malu2 tapi mahu eheheh

eliss >> tu la, nk buat peace tp jadi gaya lain pulop

huda >> akak pun xtgk bawha masa tu, tgk gmbr yg hubby amik je hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

isabelle >> kalau buat dgn jari hanntu, mommy cubit dia ngeee

affieeza >> dh ajar, tp dia xreti nk buat lg..lucu tgk di aberia2 nk buat tp x jadi jugak eheh

k.nur >> ti ingat x ingat mano doh sbb ti kecik lg kot maso tu

yatie chomeyl said...

oyis >> meme jale sokmo geng2 Msian sini, jenis ado tahi lalat kat kaki belako hehe

cuppycake mommy>> ye ke? best2x..nanti leh i cubit2 mia ;)

NURUL IZZA said...

comey ni pokok botok2 doh.huhuhu

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