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Monday, 27 December 2010

Car Trip : Fukuoka ↔ Tokyo

It has been almost a week that I didnt update my blog, thus I find it quiet hard to find the momentum and start writing again. Rasa malas membuak2 mungkin sebab rasa letih adus penangan trip Fukuoka ↔ Tokyo masih mencengkam badan.

As I've mentioned in the previous entry Off to Disneyland Tokyo; my family and I went to Tokyo with car. The distance from Fukuoka to Tokyo is about 1100km, so hell yeah we decided to opt for highway all the way for this Fukuoka ↔ Tokyo car trip.

We begin the journey at 4:45 a.m from our home in Imajuku, Fukuoka. Dengan angkut barang banyak giler pagi2 buta, serius kalau orang tengok kami pagi tu mesti rasa macam kitorang ni nak lari dari rumah sebab tak bayar sewa hahaha. The car was filled with lots and lots of stuffs coz I bring almost anything that I could to be prepared with the cold weather. 2 blankets for baby SN, stroller's blanket, pillows, futons, rice cooker, cooking pot, beras, sardin, ikan bilis, calamaris, roti, named it, semua I angkut bawak sampai there were barely enough space for us to sit in the car
gatai ngeeeeee.

We passed through several big cities along the way such as Hiroshima, Kobe, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama before finally reaching Tokyo.

Ada banyak jugak speed trap camera installed on the highway, so to be in the safe side...hubby will slow down when there were cameras, and will speed up when he didn't see any sign of camera. In fact, there's one time that hubby was speeding at the speed of 180km/hr....phew,
penat I didn't really get to capture that moment coz I was really enjoying the moment of being in my own fast & furious scene!.

However, I did managed to capture the photo when he was speeding 160km/hr on the highway. Excused the quality of the picture as my hand was terribly shaking due to the acceleration of the car.

We passes through several breathtaking views along the trip displayed by those red-blue-white bridges and the most interesting view would be when we get to see the famous Mount Fiji before our eyes.
=- Mount Fuji -=
=- SN's family with Fuji-san -=

Tapi I cuma banyak menikmati pemandangan masa route Fukuoka to Tokyo je lah, masa route Tokyo to Fukuoka...I was damn tired that I spent most of the time sleeping
ngantuk in the car. In fact, I spent almost 11 hours sleeping during the Tokyo to Fukuoka journey and I just woke up for eating session and going to toilet ngeeeee.
=- red, white and blue bridge -=

We did stopped a couple of times during that 13 hours journey, to accommodate our needs i.e solat, having our breakfast and lunch, going to toilet, going to toilet, going to toilet and going to toilet..hahahha. Its winter season, the weather is freezing cold. I mean, what else do you expect in this weather season rather than clearing your
pundi kencing every 1 hour rite? sengihnampakgigi

=- rehat2 and lepak2 kat R&R -=

=- baby SN siap main kat playground lagi masa kat R&R -=

=- solat di celah2 pokok, cover dengan stroller -=

We spent the first night in Tokyo at Murni & Joe's place; somewhere in Yokohama where we were greeted with the super delicious dinner consist of roti jala warna pink and spaghetti carbonara. Memang takde rasa malu sebagai tetamu, makan bertambah2 sampai lupa ka tuan rumah yang duk gigih masak kat dapur. Ngadap makanan macam orang kebulur muahahaha.

=- roti jala pink yang sungguh oisyiiii -=

=- 3 budak kecik yang kusyuk tengok kartun -=

We had to say goodbye to the kind hearted and generous family in the Monday morning as we headed to Malaysian Embassy in Shibuya,Tokyo.
=- posing dengan tuan rumah -=

Masa kat embassy, baby SN buat macam rumah sendiri where he was running all over the place sampai mommy rasa semput nak kejar dia. Then, dia menjerit like nobody's business bila mommy pegang dia dan suruh duduk diam2 on the chair. He even took out a really huge book from the shelf and acted that he really knew how to read. This boy is so cheeky and full of naughty ideas that it's difficult for you to be mad at him and at the same time love him to the max
tumbuk hehehe.
=- main pasu bunga, lari keliling dewan, panjat atas kerusi, baca buku --> suka hati dia je nak buat apa -=
=- in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Japan -=

We had a nice dinner at a Moroccan Restaurant near the Shinjuku area. If you've watched Jackie Chan's movie: The Shinjuku Incident, you might be familiar with these place. Kereta2 mewah warna hitam berderet parking tepi jalan, dengan driver kat dalam kereta. Setiap kali ada orang pakai blazer keluar dari restoran, pekerja2 dan tokey restaurant akan keluar mengiringi sampai ke kereta. Terus kitorang buat assumption sendiri yang diorang tu ketua yakuza;
gigitjari lagipun kawasan Shinjuku ni memang kawasan kongsi gelap kat Jepun ni *i mean according to the movie Shinjuku Incident tu lah; terpengaruh dengan movie pulak kitorang nih* ehehehe.

=- Moroccan Restaurant -=

We were served a plate of cheese rolls as appetizer and the three of us shared one plate of traditional couscous rice. The whole meal cost us about 2000¥ = RM80. I always love eating couscous rice after my first experience eating it in Madrid 3 years ago, but hubby thinks that the rice taste a little bit weird and he surely wont eat it again in the future. Fair enough, I get to eat more than hubby lorrr
ihikhik ehehehe.

=- the delicious cheese rolls and traditional couscous -=

We spent the other 2 nights (Isnin dan Selasa malam) in Tokyo by staying at Malaysia's Student House in Shibuya as it was closer to the city center. The rate is cheap provided that you are a Malaysian and also a student, where we have to pay only 2000¥ (RM80) per person/night. Cheap aite?.

The Malaysian Student House is strictly open to usage/accommodation of Malaysian students who are studying in Japan and recognized Malaysian student associations.
At first, masa mula2 masuk I was like moaning, groaning and whining tension to hubby that I made it clear to hubby I don't want to spend my night sleeping at that place. It was quite a huge house but the cleanliness is not up to my satisfaction. What turned me off in the first place is because I could smell the stink smell of cigarettes from the entrance door.

As I walked in the bedroom, the sight of falling hairs and filthy dust was all over the place.
Hubby was fully aware with the disgusting and annoying looks on my face and I am almost succeeded on my attempt to make hubby find us another accommodation to stay when hubby said that: "we should give it a try for tonight, and if u still cant stand it, I promise we'll stay at another place". Uh huh, OK..fine! sedih.

Apparently, hubby had to grab the vacuum and start cleaning the bedroom so that his upset wife can sleep well. After some rational thinking and also after the cleaning effort by hubby, I told hubby that I'm OK to stay at this place as we only stayed there for sleeping + bath + cooking. Plus, we cant cook if we stayed at the hotel, so yeah we finally had our 2 nights stay without me
membebel about the cleanliness anymore. On top of all that is the fact that the accommodation fee is cheaper compared to other place.

Luckily we brought our own blanket, bed sheet and pillows from home. Overall, it wasn't really as bad as I imagine it would be. Maybe I was a little bit over reacted in the first place. But I've stayed at some other low cost and really cheap youth hostel when I was traveling in Europe, and none of the cheap hostel is as bad as this house in terms of its cleanliness. Honestly I think, the house will be better with an upgrade in its cleanliness.

It's a shame xpasti that we forgot to take any single picture of the house at all. I couldn't find any picture of the house in the Google either. Probably because the people that used to stay there before us, have the same feeling as I do; which explains why no one has make a tiny effort to really snap a picture of the house hehehe.

Anyway, I really enjoy this whole journey of traveling with my family. Baby SN was also being a good boy when we were in the car, he just sit still on his car seat and enjoy his baby Einstein DVD. kenyit

=- tokyo tower: day & night view -=

It was really a nice excursion despite the fact that we were actually ponteng from laboratory. We had to go during weekdays sebab kalau weekends, embassy tutup. The most important point is, kalau pergi Disneyland hari cuti, nanti spent masa beratur je la kot. I'll blog about Disneysea and Disneyland later la a eh..gambar beribu2 l
emon keping; pening kepala mau pilih sengihnampakgigi ngeeeeeeeeeeee.

Psssstttt: mula2 tadi kata malas nak update, sekali bila taip panjang berjela daaaaaaaaaa..kui3x

9 words of wisdom & comments:

isabelle said...

mak aiii..pinknya roti jala tu!!!
tapi kan..mmg la sejuk2 tu, makan je la yg sedap. no wonder la u bangun utk mkn & gi toilet jer :P

transformed housewife said...

Fukouka- Tokyo tu mace dr KL- Kelate a deh jauhnyo. Tempat Ti duduk tu, tak dok ore maintain ko? bakponyo *cemar sgt?

mygoldpen said...

xsbr nk bc psl disneyland & disneysea...cpt2 update hehehe :P

ddiini said...

bagus betul nazhan xbuat prangai dlm keta...siap mummy leh tdo lg

Ummi Salsabila said...

pinknya roti jala!
Bestnya jln2 tgk negara owang!

More pics plsss..xsaba..:)

kakyong said...

pink roti jala... hahaha.. ari tu tgk telur pink kat blog murni...

malas nak komen apa dah.. nak tunggu gambor disney tokyo...

MrS. F!zA said...

wow! roti jala tu kaler pink! i loike! hihi

bilah nak merasa hidup dinegara org mcm akak..

yatie chomeyl said...

isabelle >> yup, time sejuk2 ni la berat naik dgn mencanak2 kui3x

k.nur >> jauh lg..lagi jauh dari kelate-Johor

mygoldenpen >> okeh, akan di update nanti..tungguuuu

yatie chomeyl said...

Ddini >> tu la, sedakk mommy tdo golek2 ngeee

US >> orait bebeh, tungggguuu tau ;)

k.yong >> hehehe, mmg sedap roti jala kaler pink..menambah selera gitu

mrs fia >> Insya Allah nanti ada rezeki fiza pulak nanti :)

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