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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Model Kimono versi Muslimah

Golden Week's Trip: Day 7 - Kitsuki Castle, Oita

This will be my last entry on the Golden Week's Trip during the one week holiday at the end of April to early May. As promised in the entry Golden Week's Trip: Aso Kujyu & Jigoku, Beppu, today I'll blog about our most valuable experience on wearing kimonos. This is our first experience of wearing kimonos ever since we live in Japan for the past 3 years.

To get the experience of wearing kimono, we went to Kitsuki Castle, located in northern west of Oita prefecture. This place is also commonly known as "Little Kyoto", which still obtains the traditional Japanese streets and stores.
+- rumah tempat pakai kimono -+

The kimono is a Japanese traditional garment worn by women and children. The word "kimono", which literally means a "thing to wear" (ki "wear" and mono "thing"), has come to denote these full-length robes. The kimonos are available for rental at the price of 2000 yen (RM 75) for 4 hours of wearing it. You can not only choose a kimono to fit you from a wide collection, but also dressing will be fully assisted.
+- you can choose which kimono that you'll like to wear -+

Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right, and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Kimono are generally worn with traditional footwear (especially zori or geta) and split-toe socks (tabi).
+- kimono and it's accessories -+

There are many careful steps to take into consideration while wearing kimono. Basically we need kimono + obi sash + kimono slip + two towels + three koshihimo (soft ties) + datejime (belt) and obiita (stiffener). It is best to wear something (undergarment) underneath a kimono to keep it clean. Then the ladies at the kimono house, wrapped us using all those items.
+- proses pakai kimono untuk lelaki -+

+- proses pakai kimono untuk perempuan lebih complicated -+

Lama jugak proses yang di ambil untuk belit membelit kimono tu. I learn three important things on the right way to wear kimono which are :-
(i) lipatan depan kimono itu will always left over right
Koshihimo (soft ties) are tied tightly around the waist to maintain the right length
(iii) the collar part should be about three fingers from the back of the neck to show the back of the neck to look elegant
*tapi I sumbat tudung so tak lah menampakkan leher*.
+- selepas siap di belit dan di ikat sampai susah nak bernafas-+

In contrast to women's kimono, men's kimono outfits are far simpler, typically consisting of five pieces, not including footwear. Men's obis are made from silk, and it were narrower, shorter and less decorative than those worn by women. The typical men's kimono is a subdued, dark color; black, dark blues, greens, and browns are common. Fabrics are usually matte. These are usually paired with white undergarments and accessories.

+- difference between men's and women's kimono -+

Men's kimono sleeves are attached to the body of the kimono with no more than a few inches unattached at the bottom, unlike the women's style of very deep sleeves mostly unattached from the body of the kimono. Men's sleeves are less deep than women's kimono sleeves to accommodate the obi around the waist beneath them, whereas on a woman's kimono, the long, unattached bottom of the sleeve can hang over the obi without getting in the way.
+- my man in men's kimono -+

A traditional hand-dyed silk woman's kimono may easily exceed 800 000yen (~RM 30 400); a complete kimono outfit, with kimono, undergarments, obi, ties, socks, sandals, and accessories. However, most kimonos owned by kimono hobbyists or by practitioners of traditional arts are far less expensive because they use cheaper and machine-made fabrics to made the kimono. The one that I wore in this picture, cost about 50 000 yen (RM 2000). *perghh first time I pakai baju harga RM2000* .
+- pakai baju harga RM2K, posing pun haruslah over jugak ihikhik

Lined (awase) kimono, traditionally made of silk but sometimes wool or synthetic fabrics, are worn during the cooler months. Light, cotton yukata are worn by men and women during the summer months and after bathing at onsen (hot spring resorts) and ryokan (traditional inns) *contohnya macam yang kat Bukit Tinggi tu bukan KIMONO tapi YUKATA*.
+- kimono di buat dari sutera, yukata dari kain cotton -+

After we were done with the wearing process, we walk towards the symbols of Kitsuki which are the beautiful slopes which give us the impression and the atomosphere of Edo period (17th ~ mid 19th century). This representative slope of Kitsuki is named as Suya-no-saka. The other slope which is facing the Suya-no-saka is the Shioya-no-saka. These two slopes take an important role in people’s life in the past and even now. Both slopes have outstanding views from the top.

+- the famous
Suya-no-saka slope -+
+- photographer tengah curi-curi ambil gambar kitorang kat atas sana -+

Kitsuki Castle is located towards east of the castle town. Built in 1394, the Kitsuki Castle has a long history. The existing castle was rebuilt in 1970. Inside the castle, armors and weaponry are exhibited. From the top floor, tourists can enjoy a panoramic ocean view. However, considering that the three kids were getting cranky due to the hot weather; we didn't make it to the castle but just
jalan-jalan around the Samurai residence only.
+- samurai's museum -+

In Kitsuki castle town, samurai residences still exist and impress us with the Japanese architecture and intelligence. It made us feel as if we have traveled back in time to the Edo period.
+- Samurai's residence -+
+- Samurai's residence -+

We are lucky that we went to the place on the Kitsuki Castle Appreciation Month which was held in May to celebrate Kitsuki Castle as Japan’s smallest castle, which many people outside of Oita don’t even know exists.
+- macam-macam jenis orang ada -+
+- barisan
maiko dan yang duduk tengah2 pakai 'crown' tu geisha -+

There were lots of events that were held on that day such as the street race where people were carried on a wood stretcher. There was also womens dressed as maiko (apprentice geisha), wearing specially tailored "maiko-style" furisode kimonos with tucks in sleeves and at shoulders. We also met Pendekar Penyu on that day, how interesting is that?.
+- kalau terjumpa tepi hutan tengah-tengah malam,silalah lari bertempiaran secepat mungkin ihikhik
+- pendekar penyu ado, maiko ada, geish ada..macam-macam ada -+

Because it was unusual for the Japanese people to see foreigners like us wearing kimonos with a scarf, some of them approach us to take our picture.

+- SN rilek je jalan paling depan walaupun kamera DSLR muncung besar tengah di halakan kat muka dia -+

+- pakcik jepun ambik gambar kami dengan penuh kusyuk -+

In conjunction with the special events held at the place on that day, they were also lots of professional photographers. Thus, we were politely asked to model the kimono in front of their cameras. One of them has even send me the printed photo of us in the kimono together with a postcard as an appreciation to our cooperative effort as freelance and unpaid model on that day.

+- poskad penghargan dari Hirasumi-san -+

My friend Deja was feeling a bit uncomfortable with the attention that we get from the Japanese people. But, knowing me for the past 8 years she completely understand that I love to be in the limelight ihikhik hahaha.
+- Deja & Mok de dah malu-malu sebab di minta posing tetapi I pulak macam tak malu jelir -+

I tak kisah lansung jadi model tak berbayar sebab :-
• (1) I get to introduce the beauty of wearing scarf with a kimono to those Japanese people.
• (2) I always dream to be a model but I know that I am not qualified to be one, so this is like once in a lifetime opportunity for me to be photographed by a professional photographer.
• (3) The best part is that, Hirasumi-san also told me that he will send the photo to join some contests organized for professional photographers. Wooohhoooo.
• (4) I loves to be in the center of attention - gila glamour
jelir ngeh3x.
+- posing ikut arahan photographer -+
+- muka kontrol senyum bajet ayu jelir -+

Bila pakai kimono, cara I berjalan pun turut berubah. Jalan terkepit-kepit sopan santun dengan selipar terompah tu. SN pun I tak dukung sebab takut kimono tu jadi 'lari' shape bila I dukung SN. Kesian juga tengok SN berdikari je masa mommy berangan jadi model tu, tapi nasib baik lah SN memang memahami isi hati mommy dia ni, so dia cool je tak buat perangai. Good boy!.
+- SN terbiar sebab mommy gedik berangan jadi model -+

Before we undressed the kimonos, we took the chance to made our own photography session in the Japanese garden there. Masa ini, tak ada orang lain melainkan kami sahaja kat situ. Dapatlah posing sesuka hati sesedap rasa, berangan gaya 'fierceeeeeee' macam yang Tyra Banks ajar dalam America's Next Top Model ihikhik eheh.
+- dalam taman cinta err I mean Japanese Garden -+
+- posing romantik di tengah hari yang panas terik -+

Overall, I would sum up this entry by saying -->
"This is like a once-in-a-lifetime experience dealing with this Kimono stuff. And it's something that we're probably not going to forget."
+- Masya Allah, cantik kan pokok-pokok itu -+

+- happy face -+

## Informations are taken from: Wikipedia

Pssssttt: sesekali berangan jadi model apa salahnya?. Biasanya jadi model untuk blog sendiri je ngeeee.
*jadi sila jangan hairan bila tengok banyak gila gambar dalam entry ni, jelir harap maklum*

~Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

25 words of wisdom & comments:

Ummi Salsabila said...

mahalnya satu kimono tu! dpt bergaya sekejap pun oklah kan.merasa jugak.Hihi.

sakan mommy posing,SN jln sorang2 je? hehehe

アヌム ちゃん said...

wah cantik2nya gambar..sweet je gambar k.yatie berkimono..bila la berpeluang pakai kimono ni..huhu..nak jugak.. :D

*∽ IZAN ∽* said...

wahhh.. dengki dengki dengki tengok orang dapat berkimono versi tudung..!!! cantekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

Hanis MY said...

wewittt cun gambar2 tu haha kito ni srupo la ore pom ada hati nk jadi model jugak wakakak tak sedar diri betul... hubby ore sapa loni toksey paka kimono versi lelaki tu walaupun isteri dia menangis air mata darah sekalipun huwaaa.... memori sapa bilo2 key...

nieda said...

best..merasa jugak pkai kimono

transformed housewife said...

gambar last tu Nazhan tak dok pong. Dio gi mano?

kakyong said...

x tahan part jd model.. posing ikut arahan photographer.. hahahah...

Affieza said...

First time tgk org pakai kimono ngn sweet lah kak..hehe

Nadiah Sidek said...

teringin pakai kimono. complicated jgk eh nak pakainya. apa kata yatie hadiahkan kite kimono 1 :p

atoyis said...

waa..bestnyer..biler lagi nk berangan jadi model kan..hehehe..yatie bila lagi nk buat offer tolong shoppingkan utk kitaorg cam time beli yukata hari tu..

Huda said...

susah juga nak pakai kimono ni ye kak :) tp sweetla akak n abe pakai kimono.. :)

Aleyn said...

Syoknyer.....tapi I merasa gak pakai kimono...8 tahun dulu..ekeke time kawin...kira tak?

Tu pun hasil ihsan dari Cik Izan kita ....


Wahhhh beshnyer cantik arrrr... Teringin jugakkkkk

Sitisifir10 said...

wonderlah org ngandum pakai kimono mcm mana... hehehehe

Jiji said...

Menyirapppp je tgk ko pakai kimono!!!!!!!

babe let say aaa ko nak beli kimono utk bday aku kan... aku nak kaler merah hati corak burung bangau tau !

yatie chomeyl said...

US >> SN berdikari saja lah sbb mommy x layan dia hehe

anum >> kena try jugak pakai sblm balik Msia...baru lah puas hati duk jepun :)

k/izan >> ngeh3x, namau la dengki2 kak izna cayang...meh dtg sini lagi meh meh

yatie chomeyl said...

hanis >> bakpo hubby hanis xsey pakai? hubby ore suko jah sbb dio pong gilo glemer mace bni dio ngeeee

nieda >> tu la, best3x

k/nur >> dio duk main dgn pak long adam dio..xsey ambik gmbr

yatie chomeyl said...

k/yong >> tu la, gedik kan model tu :p

affieza >> hehehe, mekaceh *blushing*

nadiah >> ekekke, apa kata u mintak dgn hubby u on ur bday nanti :)

yatie chomeyl said...

atoyis >> insya Allah if I ada nk blk msia, i buat lagi la projek yukata mcm hari tu

huda >> aah susah jugak, lama tunggu makcik tu belit2 kitorang

aleyn >> wah, lg best..pakai kimono hari kawen..lagi cun ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

mya el qayreena >> eh la dtg sini, leh la pakai gak ;)

sitisifir10 >> koho comey kalu or engandom pakai kak pijah..lg seksi ehehehe

jiji >> takmo menyirap2 babe, nanti darah tinggi :p

wakakaka request bday tak leh blah okeh ;)

Oyis said...

lawanya yatie! mesti best kan.. x de baju kimono utk baby SN ke yatie?

Mommyyus said...

yatie,sweetnye u pakai kimono. best dapat pakai kimono yg mahal tu,baju kurung kite murah lg berkali2 ganda. SN dah besar! sungguh lame tak bace entry kamu n berblgging.

yatie chomeyl said...

oyis >> takdop utk budok kat situ, kena beli sendiri. last week br beli ko time buat photshoot utk SN pulop hehe

mommy yus >> tu la, lama u x jenguk sini smp SN pun dh besar ;)

Hamizah said...

comeynya..bakpoxpki make up mace tepung gomok tu
utk bdk kecik x ko

yatie chomeyl said...

k/hamizah >> payoh la pakai mekap tepung gomak tu, nok semaye key jenuh nok gonyoh muko hihihi

utk budok kecik dio x sedio, keno bawok sendiri

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