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Monday, 9 February 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part 2) : 2nd month~

Some of my friend got the wrong impression after reading my previous entry '~Pregnancy and me (part 1) : 1st month ~' okie...I English was not good enough that I've made some of u who happened to lay an eye at my blog were thinking that I am just 1 month pregnant.. NO..NO...NO....

For the time being, I'm already moving into the 24th weeks of my pregnancy. It was just I am only updating the experiences rite now bcoz...bcoz...bcoz...nape yer?....erk..bcoz suka hati I la..this is my ---> I am quite lazy in the earlier month + celcom
berukband broadband was soooooooooooo 'fast'(read: in the antonym way) in my home + I need some time to adapt with my new environment(read: my growing belly) = alasan je semata2.

Aaa sekian penjelasan panjang lebar, now I'm moving to the main part of today's entry.

dear beloved readers: please set the time frame to October 2008)
VENUE : Klinik Ang,3183-B Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, 15050, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (wonder how I can remember the lah! I google it =P )

Since raya eve is over, I decided to go for my first visit to an obstetrician. I went 2 see Dr Ang who happens to be one of the best pakar sakit puan in Kelantan. It seems like I am the only one who go there alone, org lain sume g dgn hubby or a family member..huhu sad..sad....I'm all alone coz mmg it happens 2 be nobody's home by that time to accompany me.

(pic: konon2 gini la perasaan 'alone' yg di rasa time kat klinik tu huhuuh)

Tengah2 syok layan syahdu, I was called to see the the Dr. Then, I told him that I wanted 2 know whether I'm pregnant or not...I thought he was going 2 ask me 2 go to toilet and pee...but he just asked me to lay down on the bed and perform the ultrasound check on my belly. (Hahahahahahahha, gelak sorang2 dlm hati coz takut Dr ingat I'm crazy..nanti dia x bg ngandung pulak =P penat je tahan kencing). How stupid of 'someone-who-supposed-to-be-an-engineer' like me to think of something like that!

So, he key-in my last menstrual date into the ultrasound machine..then he told me that I am about 5weeks pregnant and that my Expected Due Date (EDD) will be on 1st June 2009. So, here's the 1st picture of my baby.

(pic: zuriat pertama Solah & Yatie sewaktu umurnya 5minggu dlm perut)

I showed the pics to my mother in law, asul & alin. I sent it to the father of the baby to hear him saying something like this--> "mano baby kito nyo?" . Huh...ketuk palo kang...yg seketul bulat tu la.

At this point of pregnancy, my little embryo resembles more like a tadpole more than a baby and is only about the size of an orange seed. Uhh ok,ok my hubby is also happened to be 'someone-who-supposed-to-be-an-engineer', so I understand his little knowledge in this sort of thing.


VENUE: Popular bookstore, 2nd floor, KB Mall, Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, 15050, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Ok, I admit that I am very very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy excited (hindustan kata 'bohot bohot khusyi') with this breaking news. So I decided to be more knowledgeable about this 'mommy-to-be' thing. So, here's what I bought at the bookstore.

I finished reading the Pa&Ma mag but I am still reading the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' book. huhuhuh..tebal sgtla


I told my relatives and some of my close friend regarding this luvly news. Most of them were asking the same question i.e ---> " are u facing any morning sickness symptoms?". Well, well, well.....isk3x...bukan nak riak or berlagak, but thankfully I didn't even suffer for any morning sickness symptoms like most of other pregnant woman. I didn't even vomit when I waked up. But it doesn't mean that I'm not facing some other pregnancy symptoms.

The symptoms that I've experienced during my 2nd month of pregnancy was :-

(a) Increase sensitivity to smells.

Seriously, I can easily
smells anything that is far from me. Busuk ke wangi ke, all of the smells will be so vibrant to my nose that it'll all turns out to be so stinky to me. Poor my big bro, Abe De coz he always like to shower himself with lots of powders and perfumes before getting ready to work. Yet, all I said to him was---> "eeee busuknyor..g dok jauh2...busuk sgt2"

(pic: sila focus kat tengkuk abe de)
p/s: he's still single,anyone interested? feel free to contact me hiihihih

(b) Lost appetite

There are lots of things that I always wanted to eat, but then when epik or ayahcik buy it for me, I turn out to have only a sip of it...then I'll said.."
erm,xsedapla"...huhuhuh sahabat kaum bertanduk sungguh.

(pic: ayahcik & epit -->mangsa suruhan utk beli makanan)
p/s: ayahcik baru je kawen bln lepas, sori x available lg dah

(c) Fatigue + lack of energy + dizziness + sleepiness + a little nausea without vomiting feeling = tired even if I'm not doing anything.

I cant even be standing for more than 5 minutes. I almost passed out during queuing at the p
ost office + withdrawing money at the ATM + buying groceries at the hot sunny pasar wakaf bharu every friday. + waiting for copies from photocopy shop = lembik!.

(pic: the famous amous pasar wakaf bharu)

Malu giler occay....why malu? I'm only 26..pakcik makcik yg 60++ rilek je beratur lama2. I feels like everybody was looking at me and was thinking --> "apahal budak ni mencangkung tengah2 org lain duk elok2 beratur nih?!" belly was not even showing any signs that I'm pregnant, thus it was hard for me to explain the situation to them.

However, it was obvious in my face that whenever I felt dizzy, my face will quickly turns to a 'very-pale-white skin colour-condition' , which turn out to be the only indicators for my siblings to know that I'm tired of standing and they'll help me to sit down somewhere (that if they were with me..if not, I just embarrased myself and cangkung kat situ before betul2 pengsan huhuuh). Kalau pengsan nanti susah, sape nak tolong. pastu I think, if I passed out org bukan nak tolong, tp orang curi barang2 or my money..ehehhee
-ve thinking sungguh.

(d) Emotional ups and down (like amped-up PMS)

This also include
mood swings + irritational feelings towards everybody + inexplicable weepiness + stress strikes = resulted to 'sengaja-cari-gaduh-with-hubby' condition. Hehehehe.

The phrases '
absence makes the heart grow fonder' was so not true in this situation...btw, who invented this phrases? huhuuhu. As both of us were so far apart with each other, I am becoming lots more mengada2 and I'll be sulking for like every 4hours a day. Poor hubby that time, but hey it was not my fault occay =P. I remembered at that time, he always asked me that "leh dop kalu dale 1hari ayg x merajuk?". My answer is --> NO!

It was all due to gastronintestinal upset + changes in my metabolism + changes in the hormones estrogen and progesterone triggered by my pregnancy hormones...huhuhu..not my fault..not my fault. =P

(pic: caught in act! wajah emosi time tgh ckp phone dgn hubby)

I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon x keluar lg, dh sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

4 words of wisdom & comments:

mazni_azis said...

Muka tgh cakap ngan solah tu mmg penuh emosi..apala yang di rajuknya..muncung mulut tu boleh sangkut hanger...:P

yatie chomeyl said...

x majuk pon sbnrnya time tu angah. tp sbb mulut ni dh terbiasa sgt wat muncung2 gitu, jd dlm keadaan normal pon jd gitu la ekekkeke...

Sidratul Muntaha said...

normal ler tu
mood swinging,mudah letih,sume tu normal
belum lagi nnti prut dh boyot..
sakit belakang,sakit2 kat joint n muscle..
idung tu mmg sensitive giler tahap gaban.
busuk ker ape ker..
sume tak best
remember what ive told you before
bykkan berjalan
amik2 angin or buat keje rumah because nnti senang nak deliver
n also
bykkan minum air
biar kembar air,brnk kurang sikit sakit compare dr kembar darah.
wish u all the best n doa byk2 setiap ari...
take care dear!

R28est said...

tu la ma...buat g mcm tu
dengar kata kita:



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