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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Daddy's Dearest Contest

As Father's Day is approaching, there are numbers of contests for bloggers to join as an appreciation of this fatherly figure. This Daddy's Dearest Contest was organize by Isabelle..frankly is open to all Malaysians bloggers only *Malaysian bloggers not living in Malaysia pon leh join kan?*.

Care to take part as well? Here's the steps on how to participate the Daddy's Dearest Contest that you have to consider in order to joining it. nerd

Hurry and squeeze your creative brain (perah otak kiri korang) to pick the best photo of daddy with son/daughter and enter this contest as the dateline is approaching really soooooooooon!

cepat weh,
berenti makan lepat,

tulis entry neh,

join Daddy Dearest Contest cepat!

*apakah jenis pantun ini..ngeh3x* gatai

Now that I've successfully perform the Step 1 and Step 2, here's a dramatic picture of my hubby and my baby taken by Paan on 6th June 2009 when Shafiq Nazhan was only 10 days old!. peace

I personally think this picture is dramatic and unique as my baby and my hubby seems to be really happy with each other companion. Even though Nazhan was only 10 days old, this photo had captured his innocent and purest smile senyum. Meanwhile, hubby is looking so excited with Nazhan's arrival into his life as reflected in above photo. By looking at this photo, I can feels hubby's love to Nazhan and how grateful he is for having Nazhan into our life. I hope that both of them will love me as much as I love them love *wink wink*.

Banyak sungguh contest untuk bulan Jun ni, seronok betul I rasa sampaikan sanggup taip entry untuk join contest time baby SN tgh tidur di pangkuan..semangat itu penting!
sengihnampakgigi ngeh3x.

9 words of wisdom & comments:

Hanz said...

Yatie, Nazhan is totally resemble your hubby but bila tengok2 lama2 cam Yatie pulak...mixture.. :P

Jiey^Mien said...

comey nya nazhan!!
gigit hidung kang!!

dehe@farhan said...


PadNani~~{@ said...

good luck bb Nazhan n daddy..sempat lg x hafiy n daddy nak masuk nih ^^

Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani said...

cutela gambar Nazhan dgn Solah tu. knur malas doh nok masuk contest hok ni. next timela masuk contest lain.

yatie chomeyl said...

hanz >> tu la, kitorg pon x sure baby nazhan resembles muka sape

jiey >> penyekla hidung anok kawe nok geget2 plop :p

paan >> mekaceh la maik gmbr ni leh gop msk contest hehehe

nani >> sempat lg tu...jom2 join

knur >> ala, masuk suko2..klu mene mujor..klu kaloh pon x rugi gapo2 hehe

kakyong said...

Masya Allah, baru 10 hari dah pandai pose mcm dah 10 bulan... expressi wajah terserlah...
memang sweet la anak mommy ni...

mazni_azis said...

so cute...mmg mana solah pegang baby berdiri jer...chomeyl sesangat baby sn senyum kalah yatie chomeyl senyum...hehehe

yatie chomeyl said...

k.yong >> baby SN memang suka berlagak mcm budak dah besar, x sedar dia baru brp hari jer hik3x

mazni_azis >> solah tampung kepala & blkg dia, tu yg nmpk mcm berdiri tu. SN senyum sampai kalah mommynyer ye hik3x

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