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Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Perfect First Birthday Gift

The first birthday in one's life marked the most important and special day to the baby and also to the parents. Those 12 months have been the most remarkable time, undergo with treats, pleasure of seeing baby's smile, joy of seeing baby's first move and lots of fun watching our baby's growing in front of our eyes senyumkenyit. Along with the joy, there's also lots of tears of worries when his sick, trouble when he don't want to eat, late night sleep when he wouldn't closed his eyes and pressure point to face his tantrum. All these explains why does the first birthday is a special delight to baby & parents.

Thus, I realize how crucial for Hanz to select the Perfect 1st Birthday Gift to her baby Hambali that it has inspired her to run a giveaway at her blog just to configure the perfect gift for her little cutie. I've been reading Hanz blog for quiet some time as she has been sharing and providing lot of informative nerd insight about babies & toddlers.

For those of you who would like to share your ideas on picking out the best gift for Baby Hambali, you can do so by choosing one or more item from MyToys&Books as long as it is/are within the budget of RM100 and below. Note that you were just given the task to choose the gifts not to spend your own money on it *tapi bila tengok mainan2 & buku2 kat situ, memang sumpah rasa nak beli sangat2 hehe boleh beli utk diri sendiri dengan duit sendiri, sila2 gatai*. After doing so, just drop by at this entry, and leave your comment....easy cheesy aite?.

(click on this banner to find out more about this giveaway)

As I am always the busy-body person (read: mami jarum banyakckp instead of mommy chomeyl), I would like to give my helping hand to Hanz and make sure that Baby Hambali's first birthday will be unforgettable birthday ever in his life because a One-year-old child is so many things, a discoverer of butterfly wings, a hugger of Teddies, a sweet sleepyhead, and someone to dream for in bright years ahead.

Enjoy my selection for Baby Hambali's 1st Perfect Birthday Gift :-

(1) Why I choose this Cuddly Cuffs - Jolly Jungle encem for baby Hambali?
Kids can never have too many books and birthdays are a great time to add to a toddler's library. Since, Baby Hambali's mommy is soooooo much into lion, this book is for sure will give joy and satisfaction in reading to both mommy and baby. The time that Baby Hambali will be spending with Hanz while reading this book will be the most treasured and unforgettable moment in his childhood life.

(2) Why I choose this House Sorter encem for Baby Hambali?
Mastering the challenge of matching a round peg with a circular hole is a big accomplishment for toddlers. Toys that encourage them to match and sort shapes help them develop essential problem-solving skills. Even better, they're tons of fun. Plus, as Hanz is using 'sign' skills to educate Baby Hambali, Hanz can use those toys to introduce to baby Hambali about shapes and colors in life.

(3) Why I choose this Draw In Tub Crayons encem for Baby Hambali?
By the time baby is a year old, its the perfect time to turn bath time into fun time. Transform your baby's toddlers tub into a pool of delight by providing these crayon to him. This way, you can bath him with no fuss and at the same time baby Hambali can start to learn ABC sign just like his big brother; Hanafi.

Beautiful little Hambali, you were born on a wonderful day,
A joyful addition to this life,
ecause you bring the light into this world with your smile,
our parents will always love you

I hope my selection of gifts for Baby Hambali worth RM92.70 (ada balance lagi sikit dari budget mommy baby Hambali) has satisfied both mommy & baby's needs and desire. I also hope that I stand a chance to be the Grand Prize Winners and grab the luvly Coochee-Coo Ring Sling + Customised Book Gift from MyToys&Books + Mystery Gift love from Charm Chameleon Chatterbox. Or at least if I'm not the Grand Prize Winner, hopefully there's another chance for me to grab one of the 5 consolation prizes angkatkening.

Psssttt: Tomorrow is also Baby SN's 1st month birthday, cant believe how fast time has flies and how grateful my life has been within this one month with him.

4 words of wisdom & comments:

Anonymous said...

hi yatie..lama dah nurul xsinggah..sorry ye..yatie mcm mana skang?dah ok dah jaga baby sorg2?
baby SN sehat ke? erm..bagi la house starter tu utk dia..bole dia main2 kan...

Hanz said...

:P he,he,he....thank you for your participation... keputusan akan diumumkan 1hb July,09... :P

yatie chomeyl said...

nurul >> skrg dah ok, xde prob sgt dah hehe baby SN pon semakin tembam dah

hanz >> thanks 4 organizing it oso ;)

mazni_azis said...

good luck!!

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