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Saturday, 27 June 2009


Pin pin pon pon here I come .... As for today's entry, I'm going to join another giveaway *dasar pompuan dalam pantang yang giler join contest* muahahahaha. This time, it's OKINOKIYO Giveaway!. Wanna know what I can win by joining this giveaway?

I should win this bag because :
I'm going to match it with my casual outfit and wear it with proud as the bag impose a stylish, fashionable, chic and trendy design. Plus, this bag is custom made which means that it is uniquely design with elegant fabric that cant be found at anywhere else except at Okinokiyo!.

Psssttt: more and more entry about contest will come later...chill out gurlzs~.

3 words of wisdom & comments:

kakyong said...

mommy SN,

yg ni seme pun boleh join ker...
jap lagi nak g intai2... heee.. ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

kak yong >> boleh2x..cpt masuk sblm tarikh ttp mlm ni ;)

okinokiyo said...

hi yatie,
thanks for joining the giveaway..I will announce the winner in my blog anytime soon yerr.. :)

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