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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Why do you BLOG?

For every single things that happen in this world, there is always a reason on it. Today, I would like to write about the reason "why do I blog? nerd".

I started blogging on 20 November 2006, a day before my 24th birthday and the platform at the time was using friendster's blog. My first entry in this blogging world is "orang2 hebat" where I wrote about few people that have inspired me into this blogging arena. Of course at the time, the readers were mainly from my friend's list. The topic of my post were mainly based on my opinions regarding some matters that happened to me while staying in Germany & Spain. As I was quiet busy with my study, I only update my blog once a month siul.

All this changed 360 degree when I come to Japan end of last year and be a full time housewife. I was damn bored stayed at home doing almost nothing except to take care of my expanding belly. Thus, I decided to start writing actively in this blogging world and to go worldwide, I decided to focus all my entries into yatie chomeyl's blog hosted by blogspot.

Through my writing, I can share all the activities that I've done here with my families back in Malaysia. I usually wrote about the places that we've been visiting here in Japan under the label : "Travel and Living". By writing it also, I introduce some of interesting spot to visit in Japan senyum.

Along with the writing also, I learn to share about my feelings. Doesn't matter if it deals about my families, friends, life, marriage or anything. I shared my opinion and thoughts with others and I learn about other's perspective after reading the comments that the readers has left. Though some people might find it inappropriate to talk about 'sensitive' issues, I choose to write about it because only through writing it out..I managed to let go the negative feelings off from my head as I've been doing on my post under the label :"meroyan time".

I am also using my blog as a platform to join as many contests that I could to grab the prizes and giveaway organized by other bloggers. So far, I've won three prizes peace from the contests that I've been joining and I'll always tries to enter as many contest that I could.

Later on, I blog about my pregnancy and all the great experiences rindu that I've encounter while carrying my babies. I've been very lucky because lots of blogger mums out there is kind enough to share their experiences with me regarding this pregnancy issues that I've put under the label :"pregnancy & me".

And for now, being a mommy, I love writing about my baby as I wanted to treasure this memorable period in my life and I wish to share it with other moms. Each time I'm having problems or questions or any hesitation about parenthood thingy, I'll just write it in my blog under the label :"baby SN" and woooshhh....lots of blogger moms out there come out with a piece of advice and wisdom words for me and I really appreciate it kenyit.

This addiction to blogging activity has helped me a lot to kill my boredom, to get rid of any negative feelings in my head, to seek for advice from others, to share about my ups and down of staying in foreign country and most importantly is to seek new friend all around the world everyday. As days passes by, I gain more and more friends eventhough I just sit down in front of my laptop. As I hardly met new people everyday, I am very delighted senyumkenyitto have my Malaysian friends around me in this blog.

~That's my story of "Why Do I Blog?
soal" as part of my attempt to win the Bloggivessary Contest organized by Reita Kana. If you think your story is also interesting, write it down and send your link to her blog as well..good luck~.

6 words of wisdom & comments:

kakyong said...


masa baca n3 ni kan.. rasa cam dejavu jer... rasa mcm penah baca. pernah tulis ke entri ni seblm ni.?.. ke daku ni yang fenin2 lalat sbb buat a/c tak siap2 lagi nih... it's almost 2 am ni.. nak titun dulu.. esok leh jengah bloh Reita kanna tu... nama cam hindustani...

nieda said...

blogging ni best..setiap moment dicatat kemas untuk simpanan di kemudian hari kan??

mazni_azis said...

ucu mmg ada bakat menulis...seronok baca entry2 ucu...teruskan yer..angah ttp pengomen setia..:)..peluk cium untuk baby nazhan yg ciut miut n glamour tu yer..

yatie chomeyl said...

kak yong >> x pernah tulis lg pasal ni sblm ni..kyong pening sgt wat a/c kot hik3x

nieda >> btol tu, kiranya blog ni ibarat diari di alam maya la ;)

angah >> ucu tau angah mmg pembaca dan pengomen setia blog ucu dr dulu2 smplah sekarang dan hopefully sampai bila2 la ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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