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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Baby SN is now 6th months old

Last Thursday 26/11/2009 was Shafiq Nazhan's 6th months birthday..yeay my baby is halfway to a year already! . The 6th month brings with it many new accomplishments for baby SN and a lot of fun new stuff for us as parents. This month is also more difficult compared to the previous months for many reasons such as :-

(1) Baby SN is more mobile now which immediately means more work for mommy & daddy.
→ he loves to roll himself but still refuse to move by creeping on his bellies forwards, instead he will moves backwards *masuk gear reverse je* gatai
→ he can already sit on his own without support for few minutes but after some time. he'll get tired and tergolek on his own..hik3x

(berguling2 riang atas katil)

(2) Baby SN now has started eating baby food on a regular basis once a day, which makes feeding time a lot messier and less simple than just breastfeeding him.
→ So far, he has tried the homemade food of rice + milk, rice + carrot, pear + banana and above the three, he loves the combination of banana + pear the most.
*baby food recipe is available here (click)*

→ I take the signal of him playing with bubble and menyembur2 to stop feeding him as it might be his way of saying : "I'm full"

(beria-ria makan sampai comot2)

(3) experienced Baby Separation Anxiety
→ This month brings a new type of fear i.e — separation anxiety. This fear typically begins when baby SN becomes aware that I am separate from him. He will cries when I leave him on his own even for a few minutes.
*takleh berada pada jarak lebih dari 5cm dari dia huhuhu*
→ I noticed he becomes more cranky on weekdays and will behave better on weekends as we were with him 24-7.

→ I guess he just wanted to bermanja after staying for 8 hours at the nursery.

(baby SN picture with his friends in the nursery's wall of fame)

(smiling pics of him next to his hand & foot prints)

(4) Baby SN learn new language
→ He isn't ready to form words, but he'll happily practice making lots of sounds, imitating what he hears...
*bila balik rumah je, terjerit2 macam budak2 lain yang dia dengar kat nursery*.
→ I noticed that he gives better respond to the people conversed in Japanese language with him more than in other languages i.e English or Malay or even Kelantanese. sengihnampakgigi
→ Bila I main "ciku-cak" or "peek-a-boo", dia kurang bagi respon, tapi bila I cakap "inai-inai-bak", gelak mengekek2.

(video dak kecik montel gelak mengekek2 main inai2 bak)
*abaikan suara mommy yang sumbangsih

(5) Baby SN knows mommy really well
→ by now, he can recognize my face and my voice very well even if I am far from him *kadang2 bila daddy dukung, dengar je suara mommy..terus tertoleh2 cari*
→ he love hide and seek games, especially when I hid myself behind his daddy's shoulder..he'll look for me sampai tergeleng2 kepala *chomeyl sangat*. ihikhik

This past 6 months with baby SN is always a learning process for both of us. There are times when we do feel tired to play with him, there are times when we do get angry with his grumpiness, there are times when we do feel exhausted to entertain him but most of the time i.e 99.99999% of the time is filled with grateful feeling, pleased emotion and blissful passion of having Shafiq Nazhan as our son.

Ten tiny fingers that always want to play

That never stop exploring the wonder of today

Ten tiny fingers that from the very start

Will reach out for tomorrow, yet always hold your heart.
*source : from here*

: minggu ini baby SN sedikit selsema + batuk, semalam dah gi klinik. harap2 cepat sembuh.

29 words of wisdom & comments:

firahadifa said...

Dh 6 bln yek?? cepatnya masa berlalu...

firahadifa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

dah bleh makan solid food.hiks.lepas ni mesti terror ckp jepun.sepupu aku laki bini pun ada sana tengah pregnant.anak dier pun mesti pandai ckp jepun gak.hiks

kew_chop said...

besar doh pun bb SN. muahh muahh

MaMaSyAzA said...

dah besar pun babySN...n makin cute..tapi yg paling best...dia terror bahasa jepun lepas ni...

MaMaSyAzA said...

dah besar pun babySN...n makin cute..tapi yg paling best...dia terror bahasa jepun lepas ni...

Hanz said...

cepat sembuh Baby SN..cheeky look-lah up to something..insya-Allah, mesti bijak!

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adda said...

comelnye baby SN.. best la nursery tu siap ada wall of fame lagik. nak anto syafi tp jauh sgt la pulok.. ngeh ngeh..

isabelle said...

wah dah besar dia. dan makin comel mcm mamanye.

Huda said...

baby SN dah 6 mtnhs :)

E.L.I.Z.A said...

wooo...respond kt japaness language je ye..bijak la untung nyo duk negaro ore..buleh belajar bahasa dio jak kecik lg..

R28est said...

suke tgk ma hepi...*best je tgk muka baby SN ;)

Ummu Ammar said...

Teringinlah nak pegang2, main and agah2 baby SN ni...comel sgt..

Jiji said...

carrot takmo banyak, seminggu sekali pon okeh.

Ni la kan indahnye jadi ibu.


Anak dara aku pon dulu asik masuk reverse je. takpe normal tu. lepas ni tido kena buat benteng banyak banyak la ni.

btw anak dara i kem salam!

Momma Mia said...

oo bb Shafiq suke "inai-inai-bak" ek??! bijak2!!

Semoga cepat sembuh dear!

Drama Mama said...

oh baby sn dah beso...irfan pun selsema gak cukup susah nak bagi makan ubat. baby sn be a good boy makan ubat k. mwahs

Jiey^Mien said...

stgh thn doh umo baby sn..
kecek jepong doh baby sn, bulih wak part time jadi otromen neh.. panda golek2.. =)

yatie chomeyl said...

firahadifa >> aah cepat kan masa berlalu?

eliss >> sepupu duk katne?

kew_chop >> abe zayyan lagi besar hehe

mama Syaza >> tu la pasal,tp mommy x reti plak jepun hik3x

yatie chomeyl said...

hanz >> insya Allah masin jari jemari u menaip eheh

adda >> suruh nursey SYafi wat gak gini hihi

isabelle >> *blushing* ngeeee

huda >> aah dh besor dah :D

yatie chomeyl said...

eliza >> baby pehe, mommy x reti..payohlah pahni nk kecek

imah >> ma mmg hepi sokmo, kdg2 je emo :p

ummu Ammar >> meh la dtg sini jmp baby SN,leh baby SN bwk aunty jln2 ;)

jiji >> anak teruna I kem salam balik smbil kenyit mata kat anis manis ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

momma mia >> tu la,agaknya dia bljr kat nursery kot

drama mama >> baby SN sembur2 ubat tu, tak sedap kot ngeee

jiey >> hahaha,lamo otromen tokleh cari make plop klu baby SN ganti tmpt dio hik3x

Nadiah Sidek said...

cepat je ms berlalu. nazhan pun semakin comel ;)

p/s: nazhan mcm safiyyah mkn comot2..hehe..

Khairunisa Zulkurnain said...

comel jeee nazhan....dgr suara kyati lg...hahha..dh lama xborak dgn kyati..hehe..semoga nazhan makin sehat,cerdik n membesar dgn sehat...inshaAllah..dgn kasih syg ibu n ayahnye..

Khairunisa Zulkurnain said...

kak yati...nti tjkla video die reverse move tu..ehhheheh..

yatie chomeyl said...

nadiah >> comot2 pun geram nk cium2 diorg kan? hehe

nisa >> buruk bnor suara akak kui3x nti akak try capture dia ngundur tu ngeee

@yurosni said...

br menjengah ke blog kak SN dh 6bln ye.26/11/09 jgk, insyirah ckp sthn..knp rambt bb SN cam tu?

yatie chomeyl said...

ayu >> rmbut camne? rmbut dia mmg x tumbuh sepenuhnya lg lepas cukur full masa baby dulu tu huhuhu

mazni_azis said...

patut la ucu semakin kurus...hehehe

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