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Thursday, 15 September 2011

I just Texted To Say I Love You .. LOL 
With the technology like Facebook, twitter, BBM, iPhone and etc these days; it seems that today's tech-obsessed culture will do anything they can to avoid interacting face-to-face! 

These tech-obsessed culture has turn people to use all means of technology (which indirectly means "No-Eye-Phone"); and it has been genius-ly illustrated in these cartoon image HERE.

C-Section Comics - No Eye Phone - Page 1

Also, I found out related video uploaded in YouTube by singer Elliot Yasmin who has adjusted the classic Stevie Wonder love song "I Just Called To Say I Love You" and update it with a more modern twist and become "I Just Texted To Say I Love You" . Listen to this song.

+- Vocals by Elliott Yamin ("American Idol"). StarringSarah Hyland ("Modern Family"), Matt Prokop ("High School Musical 3")


Without Your Face, Your Warm Embrace,
It's felt as lonely, as a profile on MySpace
Thank god for Skype
And Our Cell Phones
So we can talk, whether we're together or alone

I just Texted to say I love you
I just tagged us both on our Facebooks
I just tweeted, hashtag, I love you
Retweet it, then like and share with all your friends.

Let's get off line
And grab some food
I'll yelp the nearest place that has the best reviews
This place sounds good
UrbanSpoon Agrees
And this Groupon gets us an appetizer for free

I'll check us in
Grab us some chairs
Oh look my friend's already mayor on Foursquare
Oh man these nachos look so good, I gotta share

I just Texted to say I love you
I just GooglePlus'd your Mom and Dad, (I circled em!)
I just reblogged, that pic for my tumblr
And posted it on my wordpress just to have.

I just up-loaded our date, on YouTube
And it already has 300 views, 300 views
Let's comment, like it, and favorite
And dream that it makes the front page on Reddit
and BuzzFeed, and HuffPo!

As funny as it may seem, it is undoubtedly true. Well, at least I admit that its true in my case. Hubby and I spend more time in front of the laptop more than the time that we spent to talk with each other and to look into each others eyes.

We were at the university from 9-6 p.m everyday, so most of the time we communicate through YM and phone during the day. 

Even when we were home at night, we tend to spend time on our individual's laptop and our topic of conversations are basically about the things that we've saw in the FB, blogs and such jelir. *maybe we were so used to the long-distance-relationship before we were married that we tend to applied it too even if we are now live with each other*.

It's so funny that we were being chatty more on YM rather than we were chatting when we were face to face with each other. After watching this video I realize "Man, this has had to be stopped immediately!". 

We have to make some changes in our lifestyles or it will end up with SN will prefer YM-ing or SMS-ing to tell us about his days at nursery/school. That would be pathetic if it happen to us as a family..hohohohoho. 

Psssssttt : bukan budak2 je kena ada limit on TV, mak bapak budak pun kena ada limit on laptop & internet mrgreen.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

11 words of wisdom & comments:

Soo Hae Daa said...

saya setuju 100% kak...!!

Sitisifir10 said...

hua hua... terpaksa setuju ek

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

issyyy 9-6 ptg kat dai...?
lama ek...dah mcm org keja la
if dah situasi gitew harus YM ngan hp yg wajib guna

Rai said...

jadi macam cerita grown up (adam sandler) nanti..anak dia nak panggil maid pun main sms je..hehehe..

Ijah EmoTemo said...

heee menggunakan teknologi sepenuh nya ni :D

atoyis said...

same like us...nk panggil turun mkn pon guna ym..especially bila sorang buat keje kat atas sorang lagi kat bawah..

transformed housewife said...

kalu dok serumoh pong guno sms, YM ataupun twitter, parok tuh.

Aleyn said...

Hahah...betul2....pernah 2 3 kali panggil cik abang naik tidur guna sms...kalau jerit karang jiran dengar lak..hehe...sangat berkesan...sebab somehow bunyi beep kat hp hubby tu walaupun senyap..cepat jer dia sedar...cuba kalau bini dia jerit ...confirm makin lena...huhu

yatie chomeyl said...

soo hae da : bagus2x eheh

sitisifir : tu la, memang kenyataan

lady ayu : kadang2 kalau byk kije, smp ke malam la jwb nya duk kat lab

yatie chomeyl said...

rai : i x pernah tgk cite tu, nak cari DVD tu la nanti

ijah : memang pun, smp lupa nk guna mulut eheh

atoyis : elok jugak tu, xde la terjerit-jerit smp dgr ke rumah jiran ye tak

yatie chomeyl said...

kak nur : tu la, kdg2 gitu la hahahaha

aleyn : auw, romantiknya panggil naik tidur guna SMS, takut kantoi dgn anak ke ekekekee

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