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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

(WW 14) : Divided heart 

Have you ever heard of a quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh ~~ "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish."~

Here's two example of how my love can be divided :-

(1) Last Saturday 

My 'love' towards EPL and Liga M is divided equally as I was watching Man United VS Liverpool and Kelantan VS Terengganu in the same time, at the same laptop screen.

Both my favorite teams won the game (MU 2-1 LIV and KEL 2- 1 TER)..yeayyy.

(2) Last night


My 'love' towards Malay drama and Liga M is put to test last night as I have 3 dramas to catch up as well as another game for team Kelantan.

So, I did my best to be fair to each one of them and had to use 2 laptops for this purpose. 

In the end, I'm able to watch Vanilla Coklat (TV 3); Ariana Mikhail (TV 9); Kelantan VS Selangor(RTM 1) and Bicara Hati (Astro Prima) ~ live streaming. 

I muted the volume for Vanilla coklat (TV 3) and  Ariana Mikhail (TV 9) --> because they have subtitles; muted the sound for  kelate vs sgor(RTM 1)--> because I just had to watch the scoreboard and I only listen to the sound from Bicara Hati while paying attention to the 2 laptop screen in front of me.

Yes, I know I'm super amazing jelir.

Psssttt : I know I can watch the drama(s) later in or downloaded it, but I prefer to watch it live.


12 words of wisdom & comments:

Anonymous said...

waaa.... sugoi ne!!! :)

Affieza said...

Mcm mana nk fokus tu...mata 2 je...hehe

transformed housewife said...

tok pening ko?

zietyrahman said...

haha..terbaek lah akak..
no time waste..

Nadiah Sidek said...

ya Allah..macam mana tengok banyak-banyak tu? bola tu ok lagi kot. tapi 2 drama tu?? tak pening ek?

Oyis said...

ahhh... the amazing multi-tasking skills that the Japanese are known for has definitely rubbed onto you! hikhik...

Oyis said...

org jgn kan nak tgk byk2 skrin buat byk2 benda in one go, chatting pon kalo 2 org satu masa sokmo saloh window. mula la kantoi.

PS: mujur cik abe x ajak chat masa tu. kalo x, dgn muka2 solah skali naik atas skrin tu haha!

Jiji said...

no U r crazy lah!

yatie chomeyl said...

syanashwa : ehehe..sou ne

affieza : mmg payah nk try jugak ngeee

kak nur : bulih kkiro la pening nyo

yatie chomeyl said...

zietyrahman : mekaceh eheh

nadiah : tu yg tpaksa mute yg ada subtitle tu nti pening xtahu sapa yg cakap eheh

yatie chomeyl said...

oyis : klu chat dgn solah ore guno voice chat sbb dio mls nak menaip hihihi

jiji : owh, hg baru tahu ka babe? :p

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

hebakk demo. me biasa satu tv satu skrin laptop jah. tu pun pening :p lepas tu main tukar2 channel :p

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