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Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Traveling Notes in Malaysia : Cherating & JPO 
Finally this is the last part for my traveling activities during my previous stay in Malaysia recently. You can read Part 1 (here) and Part 2 (here). I know I might have bored you to death with my traveling activity, but looking at the bright sides...these entry might be useful for those who was looking for nice and interesting places to visit in Malaysia.

(1) Cherating, Pahang
Located about 47km north of Kuantan, Cherating is a tourist town famous for its white sandy beaches and holiday resorts. We (my siblings and I) had the opportunity to make a quick visit to Cherating during the Christmas holiday. 

 +- bukan Mael Lambung tapi SN di-lambung -+

This trip is also for our annual family day. Last 2 years we went to Bukit Gambang Waterpark for our family day,so for the year 2011 we decided to went to Cherating simply because we wanted to spent some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life in KL.

+- makan2 pun aktiviti menarik jugak -+

Stayed at Cherating Bay Resort which is located in front of  The Legend Resort. This place is suitable for big family as it has 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet in each unit. We spent 2days 1night at the place.

+- the house and the rooms at Cherating Bay Resort -+

As Cherating is one of the wettest place in Malaysia with heavy rainfall all year round and because we went there during the monsoon season, most of the time it's raining heavily. But that didn't stopped us from having fun time at the beach. We headed down to the beach to play some game i.e sand castle and isi air dlm botol

 +- sand castle game -+

+- isi air dalam botol -+

We were pleased to see that despite being a public holiday the beach was not so full with visitors *maybe because of monsoon season*. Cherating offers a huge expanse of clean and white sand. We went for a couple of dips in the clean and calm sea although high waves appears sometime. 

 +- mandi manda -+

In the off season this is the main place in Malaysia for surfers, although it's not anywhere near to Hawaii waves but hey, at least you can surf there.

+- boleh feeling macam kat Hawaii gitu -+

We also spent time to swim at the swimming pool provided by the resort. We enjoy sliding down the waterslide eventhough it's actually for kids only *it's OK, we have 4 kids with us so we take turns to bring the kids down the slide when actually the adult yang lagi over nak main slide tu* jelir.

+- menggunakan SN untuk kepentingan peribadi oleh orang2 tua tak sedar diri gatai -+

 +- dalam kolam pun nak posing, dasar si jakun -+

Overall, it was an enjoyable moment for my siblings and I to be able to spent holiday together. This trip has remind us on our childhood time when abah & arwah Ma used to bring us for holiday trip. Sigh, although many things have changed, I hope that our loves and close relationship remains forever, Insya Allah.

+- dah siap2 letak numbering untuk mengelakkan u all ingat I anak bongsu peace *perasan muda* -+

 (2) Johor Premium Outlet
I'm pretty sure many of you have heard about the opening of the first premium outlet in Malaysia known as Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). JPO is located at the intersection of the North-South Expressway and the Second Link Expressway and it is also a short distance drive from Senai International Airport, about 3 hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur and about an hour's drive from the city of Singapore.

+- parking area -+

I went to JPO with hubby and SN just for window-shopping *yeah, right*. I can say that most of the visitors comes from Singapore rather than us Malaysians.

+- posing sedas dua buat kenang-kenangan -+

JPO is a collection of 80 designer and name brand outlet stores featuring saving of 25% to 65% every day. Some of the shops are Adidas, Armani Exchange, COACH, Burberry, Michael Kors, GUESS and many more. Check out the full store listings here.

I couldn't stop myself from comparing it with Tosu Premium Outlet that I've been in Fukuoka, Japan. I could say that the sale offered here at JPO tak lah banyak sangat especially for the famous brand like COACH and burberry. In fact, the price of COACH is higher in JPO compared to Japan even-though it's not as cheap as buying it in USA.

 +- beratur panjang nak masuk Burberry -+

In the end, we only bought few clothes for me at Padini Outlet Store as they have up to 70% discount on that day. Pretty much, for me JPO is nice place for sightseeing and photo taking but not really for shopping *unless if you go there during MEGA SALES period like new year OR if you ada duit berkepuk2 yang tak habis guna* jelir eheh.

+- dua2 hero kesayangan dah boring, meh la kita balik -+

Psssstttt : kata window shopping, tu yang sampai angkut balik 3 beg plastik tu apa makcik oit? jelir.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~ 

10 words of wisdom & comments:

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

baru hari ni blh masuk...
smlm x blh nak comment
mak aiiiiiiiiii sungguh jelezzz tgk uols berjimba2 ngan family
lama x berendam dalam air gituew...sure sunburn khennnn

Nadiah Sidek said...

amboi..dah pergi johor premium outlet dah. harganya ok tak?

Hanis MY said...

behnyo gi pata... kalu ore g johor jadi tourist guide g jpo deh hehe..tapi tok best plok bilo harga dio mahal dr sini wuwuwu...

eray said...

huhuhu eray yg duk johor hari tu pun tak gi lagi. kene g ar blk nanti :)

transformed housewife said...

kalu gi JPO tokleh nok shopping sgt, baik gi Pngkale Kubo. hehe

norliha said...

akak orang johor nak pergi JPO pun boleh tersesat, last-last hubby terus balik rumah jer... huhuhu. Lain kali jer (ku pujuk hati ni)

lailasani said...

hebak demo mek. ambo yg dok sejengkal dengan JPO belum melangkah ke sana lagik.. kata org sokmo ramai org.. so mls nk bersesak2.. heheh.. lagipun mmg kompom gi window shopping jah yg mampu... hahahahha

yatie chomeyl said...

lady ayu : i gi masa musim hujan, x la sunburn sgt hehe

nadiah : OK la tapi murah lagi outlet kat sini

hanis : Insya Allah :)

yatie chomeyl said...

eray : org duk johor bila2 leh gi. kita gi sama2 la hjg thn ni nak? eheh

kak nur : pkale kubor xdop COACH ori hahaha

yatie chomeyl said...

kak norliha : kitorg hari tu terlepas exit jugak dr tepi highway mmg boleh nampak terus JPO tu ..takpe2, nanti pujuk lg hubby hehe

k laila : maso yatie gi hari tu x ramai mano org...x la pack sgt maybe sbb gi maso buke sale gilo2 kot

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