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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My Traveling Notes in Malaysia : Part 2 (Malacca) 
Because I feels that I'm being biased when I only updated nice places to visit in Japan (especially), Europe, Hong Kong, and Korea only in my travel & living segment; I'd try my best to write a proper blog entry for my traveling activities in Malaysia. 

So, here's the continuation of the sum up on my traveling activities during my previous stay in Malaysia recently. You can read Part 1 here.

(1) Malacca
We went for a family day event with other members from MIL's siblings( convoy together with 7 cars) and spent 3 days 2 nights stay at Mesra Chalet, Pengkalan Balak. This chalet is perfect for family with children as it is located next to the sea, the kids enjoy swimming and playing sandcastle during our stay there.

+- convoy -+

+- Hubby's extended family -+

+- kids having fun time -+

(i)  Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary
They have 200 local species including the rare species e.g Brooke King and Birdwing. They also have about 400 collections of insects. Entrance fee : RM 5 (adult), RM 3(children 5-12 yrs).

+- at the entrance -+

The area is quite big, thus the adults are having hard time to catch up with the kids that suddenly become hyperactive as they were excited to see all those butterflies & reptiles.

The sight of baby-monkey who looks a bit like toyol amazed everyone except me *geli sgt mak tengok, sikit lagi nak termuntah*

+- baby monkey that looks like a toyol -+

SN become so occupied with the insects that he kept pointing here and there and shout with excitement --> "Mommy look at that"; 'Mommy what's that?"; "Mommy, it's a snake" for thousands of time huhuhuhhu

+- SN was mesmerized by the sight of so many animals around him -+

(ii) Botanical Gardens
Entrance fee is FOC. While waiting for our lunch to arrive,we rent the buggy car and ride inside the park.

+- buggy -+

(iii) Malacca Zoo
 It is the second largest Zoo in the country encompassing 54-acres with more than 1,200 animals of over 200 different species. It is also the first Zoo in the region to exhibit the rare and endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros and Gaur. 

Entrance fee :
Package Price
Adult (13 years old and above )
RM 8.00
Children ( 5 years old – 12 years old )
RM 2.00
Student with uniform
RM 5.00
Senior Citizen
RM 4.00

 Considering the fact that this zoo is quite large and everyone was already tired with lots of walking done earlier at the Butterfly & Reptile Sanctuary and Botanical Gardens; we took the zoo bus to tour inside the zoo. I can say that the bus ride is fun as we dont have to walk a lot, and at the same time all of us conquered the whole bus  jelir hahahaha

+- Us; conquering the whole bus -+

(iv) A'Famosa Water World
A'Famosa Water World occupies a land area of 20 acres is the only water theme park of its kind in the southern region of this country and comprises of slides and pools of every kind. Entrance fee : Adult- RM40.00; Children (above 3 feet tall – 12 years)-RM20.00 ; Under 3 feet tall -FREE --> (Call first, price will change accordingly)

We hire a game planner to organize the game event. We choose 5 games which are :- sweet factory (kids below 5 yrs), kangaroo race (kids above 5yrs), step on balloon, mummy and loop game.

+- game for adults and kids -+

The park has lots of interesting and unique features such as choices of water slides - all designed to suit even the most sophisticated water enthusiasts. Kids will find the Arabian Village and Kid's Adventure Pool an exciting adventure.--> The Arabian Village is a water playground which harkens back to the days of mystical genies, magic lamps and flying carpets. Adult visitors to this kiddies area must be accompanied by a child! *sbb adult lg over main slides daripada kanak2 jelir termasuklah diri ini sendiri ngeeee*

+- Arabian Village -+

For those looking for excitement, take up the challenge by trying out the Seven Storey High Speed Slide.  Feel the adrenaline rush through your head as you slide down. *the high speed slides were closed for maintenance on that day*. 

Less daring souls *like me jelir* can try out the Wave Pool, Family Raft Ride and the longest Lazy River in the world. The Family Raft Ride is a giant raft carries up to 6 persons down a long, winding river. Also another relaxing experience is the tube ride around the entire park along one of the longest Lazy Rivers in the world. Lay back, stare at the blue sky above and contemplate on life's little intricacies as the gentle current sweeps you along. 

+- Lazy River -+

Overall its quite a nice waterpark compared to The Lost World of Tambun because of its interesting and unique features of water slides and pools. But I had one bad experience there i.e Unexpected Incidents at Inner Tube slides. 
• I have an accident when going down the tube slide with hubby. While going down the slide, the tube flipped due to the water stream as well as the declining + rolling position of the slide. My head hit the wall of the slide while my knee make a long and dreadful contact with the slide's wall. Oucchhh damn that's really hurt!.
• I have no time to examine the bruises because the next person were already coming at the back so I quickly jumped back on the tube and before I know, the next persons (which happen to be my BIL & his wife) has bumped our tube so hard that upon landing I drowned into the pool. 
• I suffered some blue bruises on my knees and scars on my hand *and it is still there despite it has been almost 2 months since I had the accidents, so you can just imagine how bad it has hurt me in the first place*. Although I follow all the safety requirements such as put my legs on the tube, put my bottom inside the tube hole, hold on to the tube rail as well as wear appropriate clothes; BUT accident happens. My advice is if you happen to go there and want to try out the inner tube slide, please be extra careful!. :yawn:

  +- kids must always be under adult's supervision -+

For a price of RM40 per person (inclusive food), I can say this waterpark worth the money I've paid. I enjoy the time that we had spent at the waterpark despite the bruises on my knees and the almost permanent scars on my hand!.

(v) Sightseeing at Bandar Melaka
It was scorching hot at the city center, the traffic was pretty congested and the city was filled with many visitors and tourists. We wanted to ride on the river cruise, but it is not operating on that particular we went to some other places.

+- interesting places at Malacca -+

Went up the Menara Taming Sari which is about 110m height and can carry a capacity of 66 passengers in one time. The ride duration was only for 7 minutes and the ticket price is RM20.00 (Adult) and RM10.00 (Children).

+- inside the gondola -+

Then we went to The Stadhuys which was built in 1650 as the official residence of Dutch Governors and Deputy Governors, it is an example of Dutch architecture, with solid doors and louvred windows. Believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East, the port-red theme extends to the other buildings around the Town Square and the old clock tower. Preserved in its original structure and form, it now houses the History and Ethnography Museum. 

 +- the most famous red building in Malaysia -+

+- pose bajet hot...errr memang hot sebab panas terik jelir -+

After that, we dropped by at the Kota Melaka Cannon which was built during the 15th century. It was a prominent landmark during the time of the Malay Sultanate and now has become one of the tourist attraction at Malacca.

+- Malacca Fort cannon -+

Our next stop is at Dataran Quayside. It is just a walking distance from Stadhuys complex go straight, first you can see the Tourist Information Centre then after that at the right; there'a a giant Melaka watermill. This watermill is powered by the Melaka River. Although the function is not for agriculture irrigation system or crushing a flour, it has now become another spot for tourist attraction.

 +- Dataran Quayside -+

+- Malacca watermill -+

I treasure the time that I've spent with hubby's extended family members and I'm hoping that I'd be able to join this yearly event again next year. So, any suggestions for our next family day trip from you guys?.

Pssssttt : Cuaca kat Melaka agak panas, sila bawak topi/payung bagi puteri lilin sekalian, tak lupa jugak sunblock cream jelir.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~ 

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アヌムちゃん said...

amboihh jalan sakan..huhuuuu..best2!

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

tahun ni cuti2 kat melaka tapi dok tahu bila. seronok pulak tengok gambar ore bersuko rio.

nieda said...

melaka mmg byk tempat menarik..time school holiday penuh umat manusia...

zailamohamad said...

demo g bilo ni??

zaila pon g Melaka juga cuti CNY lah panas cuaca kat situ..

Affieza said...

Syoknya main air kt A'Famosa Water World tu kan?? hehe

transformed housewife said...


yatie chomeyl said...

Anum : sesekali blk Msia,harus la jalan sakan

Eliss : meme best tp panas ceng ceng

Nieda : aah, mmg ramai org kan kat melaka

yatie chomeyl said...

Zaila : ore gi maso bule 12 hari tu lagi..maso cuti skoloh

Affieza : mmg best ;)

Kak nur : thn depe la pulok kot

mazni_azis said...

memang panas cuaca kat malaka...huhuhu

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