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Monday, 16 April 2012

My alter ego controlled me @H&M and Forever21 stores
I don’t know if this happens to other people, but I always have the “I don’t know what to wear!” moments......but I guess this happens to most women out there too, right? *please say yes, so that I don't feel alone in this*. I open my closet, and just stare at all my clothes. Why on earth didn't they magically style themselves for me, why oh why???.

5 minutes left before we need to leave the house, hubby was waiting impatiently for me to get ready *not to forget, he'll make that "what-took-you-so-long-to-dress-up face"*.… and I really cannot figure out what I should wear for the day. I rush like a mad woman and try out five different outfits in that five minute span. Then I end up with the worst outfit of them all ihikhik...LOL! 

I quite hate it when that happens. Normally I’d blame it all on my choice to sleep instead of using all that time to figure out which clothes I would like to wear on the next day before I rest my head on the pillow..sigh~.

On other days, I’d blame it on the weather as I don't know whether the weather is comfortable enough for me to just wear cardigans or should I still be wearing my spring jacket...another sigh~. While lately, I'll blamed my body for not cooperating enough that I couldn't fit into most of my clothes...big sigh~~~tanduk.

So, to fix this BIG problem of mine, I persuaded hubby to bring me to the Grand Opening of H&M and Forever21 store in Fukuoka last Saturday (April 14th). *alasan tak boleh blah*

+- you wont miss the store when you saw this signboard -+

Fukuoka’s new H&M and Forever 21 stores was launch on April 14 at the new “Tenjin Nishidori Square” building. FYI, H&M is a brand from Sweden and F21 is  from Los Angeles, USA. The launch mark Kyushu’s first Forever 21 store, and second H&M store (the first opened last Sep. at Canal City, Hakata).

+-  Tenjin Nishidori Square building which houses the H&M and F21 stores -+

Since hubby now is doing part time job during the day, we get to go out only at night on Saturday. So, we went to the store at night with the hope that it is not packed with so many people. Man, I was wrong!. Penuh macam dalam tin sardin, okeh!.

+- pompuan2 jepun memenuhi segenap ruang kedai -+

+- there's barely enough space to walk around the shop -+

If you think that Malaysians are shopaholic, you should see these Japanese woman. They really follow the "shop till you drop" concept; baju penuh kat tangan + atas bahu kiri kanan + dalam paper bag lagi...walaaaweiii. I decided to put myself into those spirit, and without wasting any more precious time I headed to the shoes and accessories sections. 

+- lawa nak mampus rainbow wedges, tapi bila check size yang available; segera sedar diri yang kaki ini kaki gergasi...letak lah balik sambil sengih2kan  sengihnampakgigi diri sendiri-+

+- percubaan menjadi MAMI JARUM, nampaknya membuahkan hasil -+

I think I'm not being myself, there's another person inside me that took over my mind and controlled my body; when I went to the clothes sections. I become crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy when I look at the gorgeous dresses and blouses there. Terus tangan jadi macam sotong, sana tarik..sini ambik, yang tu berkenan, yang ni cantik..haisyyy. It must be my alter ego..must be that I'm suffering for split personality disorder, I swear this is so not me adus  *yeah, right!*.

+- nampak tak pompuan yang tengah tak keruan tu? -+

Thank Allah for the sight of hubby's and SN's gloomy and tired face :damn: that had woken me up from my  alter-ego self. Look, how tired both of them were when they waited patiently for me to finish whatever things I was doing in the shop which is basically "trying to put everything on me" and "trying to decide which colors suits me better?".

+- the "not-so-me" was busy trying out on everything she could reached -+

+- the cranky lil toddler with a daddy who tried his best to calm his son while mommy was 'busy' +

+- look at the gloomy mask they've put on their face -+

At the end of the day, we spent only about 1 hour inside the shop *this is consider quite an achievement for me because if I went with my girlfriends, it surely will took longer than this*. Thanks to hubby and SN yang beratur dulu masa mommy pusing2 dalam kedai. Kalau pergi sorang2, mesti laaaaagiiii lama sebab kena beratur panjang sebelum bayar.  Last but not least, here's a silly smile senyumkenyit pose from a happy customer of  H&M and Forever21 in Fukuoka.

+- silly smile from a happy customer -+

Thanks  H&M and Forever21 in Fukuoka for making my day, and for solving the BIG problem of mine ihikhik...LOL.

Pssssttt : dulu masa shopping kat Munich, my friend and I siap kena kunci kat dalam kedai sebab tak sedar diri shopping sampai closing hours gatai hahahaha.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~


18 words of wisdom & comments:

Rai Ourkizuna said...

your face masa tunjuk gelang mami jarum...priceless!!... hahaha..

kesiannya muka SN...tak tau la kalau my kids jadi apa since i pun dah lama tak sopping lama2..paling lama sopping barang dapur..huge sigh!

zailamohamad said...

oh aku pon mengalami masalah yang sama dengan mu tapi itu dulu..


sejak beranak 3, dengan badan kembangs emangkuk dengan banyak benda nak settle sebelum keluar rumah..aku adalah manusia paling selekeh atas muka bumi..kalu mung jupo nga aku kat luar konpem mung ingat aku kakak mung sedangkan kita ni sebaya..huhuhu

bagus laki mung nak layan karenah bini..kalu laki aku dia suruh aku tubek shopping nga saing2 jah..dia rela duduk rumah ngasuh anak dr teman aku shopping..huhuhu

Hanis MY said...

shopaholic ruponyo yatiey ni... tabik spring hehe... buleh jadi style guru

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

OMG same with me....
nasib baik darl ai jenis suka teman even lambat dok belek brng just adam x tahan nk tunggu.... dulu masa ai free hair dok pikiq nak buat style rambut mcm mana tetiba bila pakai tudung take time nak belit2 plak...owh ai loike fashion...if gi forever 21 kat tokyo mmg berjam kat situ...if nak gi jejln mana kena make sure plan awal2 sebab nak kena carik baju if rush ai x suka even baju berlambak ngeeee...

F.I.Z.A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
F.I.Z.A said...

i suka blazer kat H&M, cantik dan murah. kat F21, blouse and maxi dress are so cute, and affordable too :)

Affieza said...

Sama...lg tak habis kedai n lenguh kaki, harus pusing abis kedai...hehe

Nadiah Sidek said...

muka solah dengan nazhan stress je. hihi..

Eliss Mie said...

muka tension berat cik abe demo ngan SN ;p

kawe pun pening jugak hari2 nak pilih baju gi kerja, padahal baju kurung jah pun. last2 buat sistem giliran.baju kurung pakai hanger semua.lepas basuh susun belakang sekali, so amik baju hok depan sekali :)

yatie chomeyl said...

Rai : tu la muka sorg mami jarum nama dia hahaha

zaila : agakny nti klu aku beranok 3, metsi gitu jugop kot..hehehe

yatie chomeyl said...

Hanis : eh x la shopaholic sgt, window shopaholic jah..buleh gitu? ngeeee

lady ayu : laki I pun ikutkan je, tp tu la..Sn ni tak berapa nk bg kerjasama skrg ni huuuhu

yatie chomeyl said...

FIZA : yup, affordable dan kan ;)

Affieza : buat puas2 pernagai ni masa bujang, esok2 dh ada anak..beginilah jadinya..haru biru nk shopping lama skit pun xleh

yatie chomeyl said...

Nadiah : tu la pasal, mommy nk shopping lama2 pun jd stress hahahha

Eliss : molek jugop idea tu, tp kalu gantung belako...xmuat pulok tmpt gantung hahahaha

Kamalia said...

haha..serius,tergelak besar i bila mami jarum tu tunjuk gelang dengan muka tamak dia..ekeke
nape kat sini takde H& M jugak?sobs!nampak sangat kampungnya tempat ni..huhu..

Almiraz said...

Nok gi jugok!!!...syoknya Yatie...sini H&M pun takde sad....:(....Muka mami jarum u mmg menjarum lah....heheheeh...

yatie chomeyl said...

kamalia : sini pun baru je bukak, meh sini la if nk g H&M hehe

Almiraz : KL xde eh H&M...xlama lg ada la tu I rasa ;)

Min Aina Ila Aina said...

saya bermasalah nak pikir baju mana nak pakai sebab skrg naik motor. senangnya pakai seluar tapi seluar byk dah tak muat.huhu.

yatie chomeyl said...

Aina : makin kurus ye sbb tu seluar sume dh xmuat? :)

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