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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Journey to Nagasaki (part 6) --> Hot Spring & Volcano

This entry is the continuation of Journey to Nagasaki (part 1) --> Saikabashi Park and Nishikai Bridge. , Journey to Nagasaki (part 2) --> Huis Ten Bosch : Kinderdijk. and Journey to Nagasaki (part 3) --> the rest of Huis Ten Bosch area , Journey to Nagasaki (part 4) --> Isahaya Koen, Journey to Nagasaki (part 5) --> Atomic Bomb Museum.

I believe this will be the last entry for the 2days trip to Nagasaki last weekend. Huhuhu...5hari berturut2 wat laporan untuk trip 2hari isk3x. cool

After spending most of the morning at Atomic Bomb Museum & Peace Park, we headed to Unzen Hot Spring.
(ferry-wheel on top of the building, memang jimat space kan org jepang nih)
(kereta2 ahli rombongan..of course la keta kitorang tak termasuk dlm gmbr nih)

We stopped for a while to have our lunch at the side of the road. It was already 2pm that time, perut masing2 dah berkeroncong dondang sayang dah...hehehe. mrgreen

We finally arrived at Unzen Jigoku hot springs. There are lots of hotels and hot springs around this area as it is one of the tourist attraction spot. However, there were not so much water left inside the pool as most of it were being transferred to the nearby hotels (paip jer berselirat dalam pool tu).

The smell of the sulfur is soooooooooooooooo damn smelly and the windy wind helps to blow the smelly smell right into our nose. busyukkkkkkkk yang amat2x... neutral
(muka takleh nak senyum sebab tahan nafas)

The last stop of our trip was in Mount Heisei Shinzan Field Museum. Its a sleep volcano which was last erupted on 1996.
(nampak tak asap keluar dari mulut gunung kat belakang nun)
(posing sakit pinggang)

Here, we can see the submerged house due to the eruption happened in 1996. Most of the house were sunk up to the roof top part and some of the double storey house were sunk at the 1st floor. takut kan tengok rumah2 ni tenggelam gini..haishhh, mintak2 tak meletup dah gunung berapi nih..nauzubillah. rolleyes
(rumah 2 tingkat dah jadi 1 tingkat)

While waiting for maghrib prayer, Abg Saleh kindly checked the engine of our car as it was producing a lot of smokes while hubby was driving it. It happen to be that the amount of the engine oil is not enough due to some leakage. Thus, the whole rombongan has to stopped for a while at the tank station in order for us to fill in the engine oil before continuing our journey back to home-sweet-home. wink
(check jangan tak check)
(aaa kali ni kereta kami masuk dlm gambar, kereta Abg Saleh-Kak Nura pulak takde)

Kudos to Abg Shoiful for organizing this trip and kudos also to the other families for having fun throughout this trip. Hubby and I surely learns a lot about parenthood-thingy by observing how the parents look after their children. Hopefully when my baby SN is born, these aunties & uncles will pampered them with lots of love and care.
We finally arrived home at nearly midnite time. Kemas2 barang terus tidur tergolek2 sampai kul 10pagi esoknya hehehehe. lol

Psssstt: So, that was all that I could recall from the 2days trip.
I am writing this entry to make sure that all the memorable moment that I've experienced in my life is jotted down and shared with the one that I love...that's you, the reader of this blog smile I hope the story will be a useful guides for anyone that will be going to these places as well.

4 words of wisdom & comments:

nurulzia said... gi jalan2 kan..hehehehe..kuat la yatie still leh jln...

yatie chomeyl said...

org cakap kalau rajin berjalan di minggu2 akhir, senang nak bersalin nanti. harap2nya gitu lah :)

k.liza said...

yatie, akak kopi gmbr kete 2 yea.. kiut.. nk uat kenangn.. tq

yatie chomeyl said...

owh, kalau akak nak yang pixel besar nyer, nanti yatie suruh incik hubby send kat emel abg sheikh. :)

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