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Thursday, 5 March 2009

~WOU post postcard Contest~

As I am staying in front of my laptop for almost 10hours per day, I need to find something useful and exciting to do in order to chased away the boredom that I'm suffering.
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After joining the Nuffnang Community for the sake of my blogging craziness, I've found out about a contest organized by Wawasan Open University. Thus, I decided to give it a shot and just try my luck.

"Everybody dreams a lot, some are lucky- some are not. I hope I'm the lucky one! :)

So, here's the important details of the contest:

Contest Entries – How to participate

A) Creating the postcard

  1. Snap a photograph of you (contestant) and/or your friends studying/reading in an ideal, interesting, beautiful or outrageous learning environment of personal choice.
  2. Using any image editing software, digitally caption the photograph with no more than 10 words, relating to the theme “Your world, your classroom.” The Contest allows the use of only English and Bahasa Malaysia for captions.
B) Posting your postcard
  1. Upload your postcard as:
    • An entry on your blog and/or
    • A main page profile photo on your Internet Social Networking profile.
** for full details on the contest, feel free to visit --->

--- ok, enough about the contest. Let's move on to my postcards...yippeee!!! ----

(1) Title: To Read Is Easy
Caption: To read is easy, to understand is effortful.

2) Title: Pleasure Of Reading
Caption: The pleasure of reading is doubled when one shares it.

3) Title: Not Born As A Braniac?
Caption: Not born as a braniac? Then, strive to become genius!

4) Title: Common Things In Uncommon Way

Caption: Tips to success: Do The Common Thing In Uncommon Way

5) Title: Masterpieces From Mozart
Caption: Masterpieces comes from Mozart, knowledge comes from learning.

6) Title: Detail Attention And Total Concentration
Caption: Success in any endeavor requires detail attention and total concentration.

7) Title: Extraordinary Determination

Captions: Real Leaders Are ordinary People With Extraordinary Determination

8) Title: Combination Of Book And Sea Breezes
Caption: The combination of book and sea breezes, pleasant my day.

9) Title: Books Are Compasses
Caption: Books are compasses to navigate dangerous seas of human life.

10) Title: Most Valuable Asset

Captions: Most Valuable Asset is Willingness To Persist Longer Than Others


That's it. That was all 10 postcards that I've created out of my photo with my friends and my hubby. Okie, I admit that I'm not really good with photo editing and etc but its just one of my attempt to win the prizes and also the best way for me to spent my time wisely in front of the laptop with the internet connecting into it!

So, which one do you like the most?

Which postcard do u like the most?

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**** pssstt: I really hope I can grab one of the prizes offered.... Free smileys

11 words of wisdom & comments:

k.liza said...

nk vote... tp gmbr xkuar2 ah:(.. heavy kot..

yatie chomeyl said...

x kuar gambar erk? kalau t browse ok je..maybe heavy kot..kena resize bg kicik sikit la gmbr ni nampak gayanya

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

wah wah wah!

best la kak chomeyl! suke semua postcards
tp plg sweet yg kedua ! pleasure of reading!- hehe

umi nuha said...

uit..gambar no 3 tu mcm ku tahu je kisah sebenarnya...(dah xtahan nak gelak hanya mampu sengeh..keskeskes)

yatie chomeyl said...

akmar: thanks :)

umi nuha: teringat kisah lampau ko? :P

Jay Liew said...

wow - bahasa I dah karat. I was looking so hard to find where to post a comment on your blog .. and couldn't find it for the longest time, until it occurred to me that I should probably try clicking on "kata-kata membina .. " Why can't you just call it "komen" ? ;P make it easy for komen-ters.

I like #7 and #10 the best.


yatie chomeyl said...

that's why i put that "kata2 membina" just to remind u of our bahasa lah, i've made some gatal2 changes to my blog, then I couldnt find the script to changed it back..hihiih...will figure it out later.

thanks for stopping by ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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