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Friday, 27 March 2009


Question: What will you do if you used to be a hyperactive person that have to stay in a small room alone from 10am to 8pm every single day question

Answer: Suffer boredom due to the monotonous life that you have in that small space --> leads to minor craziness to your brain ('sewel') eek

Solution: Join as many contest as possible, so that you'll be happy when you win the prize! mrgreen

To alleviate the mental sickness that I might suffer, I decided to join the "School Break Special Super-Giveaway Contest" organized by Mommy Lyna from MySuperKids blog. The driving factor for me to join this contest is because the prize offered was something that I've been longing to have. What is the prize offered question

idea Hadiahnya berupa Chomel Nursing Cover iaitu handmade nursing cover yang dibawakan khas oleh Kedai Chomel untuk setiap seorang. Nama hadiah pon dah dekat2 nak sama dengan nama blog nih hik hik hik (cuba korang bayangkan betapa chomeylnya Yatie Chomeyl pakai Chomel Nursing Cover sewaktu breasfeed baby SN yang chomeyl tu, perghhhh..... memang malatopp lah). razz

Apart from that, I really wanted to win this prize as I wish to breastfeed my baby SN later. Through observation, I found out that its hard for mommies to BF their baby when in public (risau akan mendedahkan aurat untuk tatapan umum). Thus, I really appreciate the invention of this luvly nursing cover for all mommies out there.

Wokeh..wokeh, enough about the prize-thingy. Lets head to the terms & condition to join this contest. Here's the syarat2 untuk meminang PGL memenangi hadiah itu as stated by the organizer :-

(1) Inspirational Blog

I selected blog Fajar as the blog that really touches my heart. The way he wrote his thought, sadness, feelings, sorrow and gloominess has bring melancholy feeling to the readers of his blog. Anyone who read his blog will surely feel the sympathy (walaupun sedikit pun dia tak meminta untuk di kasihani). Being selected and tested with a big test by Allah, he & his wife stood still, strong and took great care of their child with dignity and pride till the last breath of his son. This blog has bring tears to the readers and unite people all over the world to pray the best for Allahyarham Amir Yusuf. cry

(2) Daily dose

Blog Mommy Lyna is the one that I'll dig myself into whenever I need to find any information about pregnancy. As the first timer of becoming a mommy, I have to gather as much information as possible to provide the best care to my baby SN. She shares her joy & sorrow, her happiness & suffers, her ups & down, the shine & burn of becoming a mother to her two sons. The cognitive content of her writing were based on the experiences that she's been through. I found her previous-blog while doing blog hopping upon writing about experiences encounter by mommies to a pre-mature born baby in my previous entry --> antara keperitan Nora Danish, Abby Abadi & ibu2 lain. Right after that, I began to treasure her opinion and the issues discussed in her new blog i.e MySuperKids.Net. wink

The thing that differs this blog with other blog is that there is also free e-book provided for the reader ! Free tuu beb...orang german, orang sepanyol, orang belanda & orang indon cakap "gratis" (kagum kan 4 negara ada perkataan yang lari topik plak). The blog provided free download of Prinsip Kewangan Keluarga and Panduan Lengkap Susu Ibu..great isn't it?

(the free e-book)

Furthermore, there is also a special community for mommies or mommy-to-be (like me) to join, where there are threads discussed in it forums regarding any issues that interest their members. I have also join this community so that I get to know more people out there and exchange opinions regarding any topic on earth.

(3) Suggestions to improve SuperKids.Net

I am not here to judge and to criticize the blog but I surely hope that the suggestions that I give here will help MySuperKids.Net to improve her blog. I dedicated this suggestion to my blog as well, sesedap je suruh orang improve kan, blog sendirik..nan ado lol

(a) Add more pictures
Its common that people will be easily distracted when reading text containing lots of facts. Adding some pictures together with the explanation will help to make sure the reader will be stuck reading the entry till the end. biggrin Macam baca buku kanak2, kan best sebab ada banyak gambar kat tepi cerita.

(b) Interesting post title
Title of the post become one of the important thing to attract readers to read more. Furthermore people usually search through the search engine and being given the answer based on the title of the post. Letak tajuk gempak2 sikit bagi menambahkan keinginan pembaca untuk membaca contoh macam tajuk entry ni lah...wakakakkaka dasar si chomeyl yang perasan dan tak tahu malu wat contoh diri sendiri. idea

(c) Variation on the way the topic was discussed
For the time being, I personally think MySuperKids.Net has managed to discussed a wide diversion of topics related to pregnancy, breastfeeding and parenting. What more could be added will be the way to discuss the topic by inserting more humorous explanation here and there in the sentences. It will help to pleased and entertain the reader of the blog and at the same time providing them with info and education. wink Karang mommy lyna wat lawak macam dak2 Raja Lawak kang, terkujat sume orang ekekeke.

Okie dokiee, this is my attempt to win the prize and I hope that I've fulfilled the terms & condition of this contest. You girls out there who wanted to join this contest, feel free to do so by following the terms & condition as stated. Come and give it a shot to win this contest (dateline: 31st march 2009, 11.59pm GMT 08:00).

Psssttt: Owh, please do not be worry if you win and feels like not using the prize, feel free to send it to my MIL's house so that she can bring it to me when she come to Japan on 23rd May to take care of me during my confinement period hik hik hik.

* baby SN tu gelaran untuk my baby yang dalam perut ni
** BF = breastfeed
** MIL = mother in law

6 words of wisdom & comments:

mama zharfan said...

i like ur posting cum the contest entry!!! pretty attractive!!! all the best yer!!
Ms_sz @ mama zharfan @ suzie :)

yatie chomeyl said...

tenkiu mama zharfan ;)

mama liza said...

brp byk dh contest yg yatie masuk stakat nie?.. akak sentiasa mdoakn kjayaan dr blkg... pssst.. dpt hadiah kita share ek?..

yatie chomeyl said...

heheh boring xde watpe.msuk contest la. ni contest ke2 nti menang kita share2 ;)

Mommy Lyna said...

wah sungguh chomeyl!!!

tepuk tepuk tepuk.

btw blog saudara Fajar tu memang menyentuh hati kan... rasanya almost all blog yang i pegi talk about arwah.

Yatie, adakah demo seorang Kelantan?

yatie chomeyl said...

tenkiu tenkiu (tunduk2 muka konon2 malu tersipu2x)

mommy lyna, aah mmg org qelate ... nape?

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