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Monday, 23 March 2009

Journey to Nagasaki (part 2) --> Huis Ten Bosch : Kinderdijk

This entry is the continuation of Journey to Nagasaki (part 1) --> Saikabashi Park and Nishikai Bridge.

After lunch, we headed to Huis Ten Bosch which is situated in Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushu Island. In English, "Huis Ten Bosch" means “House in The Forest.” And true to its name this residential-style resort has canals running throughout, is surrounded by greenery, forests, amusements, shops, restaurants, five distinct hotels, a marina and residential area.

(Huis Ten Bosch flower gardens map)

As it's already 3pm when we arrived there, we couldn't finish covering the whole 152-hectare area. (lagipon mak buyung jalan terkangkang2 terkedek2, tak bulih hyperactive cam zaman bujang dulu2) mrgreen The admission fee is 3040yen (RM115) per adult.
(senarai penuh ahli2 rombongan cik kiah ke Nagasaki)
(Danish hairan tengok pakcik yang gedik ekekekeke)
(proses fotosintesis dan kepekaan tumbuhan terhadap cahaya)

Kinderdijk is the first scenic spot that greet us as we enter Huis Ten Bosch. It feel like we’ve actually gone to the rural Dutch country side as we walk along the canal and windmills towering into the sky. Kinderdijk abounds with tulips in spring.
(wat citer hindustan kat situ, nasib baik tak golek2 menari je)
(Canal cruiser)
(my baby SN dalam perut pon sibuk2 nak cium bunga)

As we are using tripod, it's easier for us to take our picture together. Walaupun ramai orang lalu lalang, kami tak peduli...posing tetap posing. mrgreen
(Every windmill has its own name. The one in this picture is Slaper)
(blade mechanism of the windmill)

While walking through the garden, we have to occasionally stop because I need to take a rest and stretched my legs before we continue walking. Its good that I walked a lot because it help to ease the pain and aches that I suffered for the past week. Agaknya lama sangat tak exercise, sebab tu otot semua kejang2. Bila kena berjalan banyak2 gini, automatik otot jadi kuat. redface
(pose gedik santai berdua di tepi terusan)

Quoting a piece of advice from Kak Sofiah: " enjoy la masa berdua ni sebelum beranak pinak nanti". She was saying this while carrying Syaza who was sleeping soundlessly on her motherly arm. wink
(menikmati masa romantis berdua sebelum baby SN lahir)
(hujung sana tu tempat tunggu cruiser tapi kitorang tak naik pon)

The wind was blowing so strong and the breezes freshen the air around us. The wind even blowed the tripod ...dummm kebaboooommm...kamera baru beli terjatuh...isk3x..pucat muka masing2 masa nih. Luckily, nothing went wrong to the camera though the tripod suffer 'major injuries' huhuhu debar sangat. rolleyes
(meneruskan perjalanan walaupun sakit pinggang & lenguh kaki dah)

The continuation of the Journey to Nagasaki will be posted in the next entry... tungggguuuuuuuu..........biggrin

2 words of wisdom & comments:

umi nuha said...

alahai gediknyer...tak tahan aku menengoknyer....ekekeke....waa!! rendunye nak blk jepunnn

yatie chomeyl said...

gedik ker? tu baru sikit kadar kegedikan tu... banyak lagi bakal menyusul...tunggguuuuuu ekkekekek..

meh2 blk jepun :)

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