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Monday, 2 March 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part 4) : 4th month check-up~

This entry is the continuation of the previous entry : ~Pregnancy and me (part 1) : 1st month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 2) : 2nd month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 3) : 3rd month~.

Readers are advised to read those entries before proceeding on reading this entry to alleviate mental sickness symptoms caused by the misunderstanding in the contents & issues discussed in this particular entry :)

time-frame: December 2008
(14th - 17th week of pregnancy)
beginning of 2nd trimester

"Apabila seseorang perempuan mengandung janin dalam rahimnya, maka beristighfarlah para malaikat untuknya. Allah mencatatkan baginya setiap hari dengan 1,000 kebajikan dan menghapuskan darinya 1,000 kejahatan".

DATE: 25th December 2008
VENUE: Nagano Sanfujika (Obstetrics & Gynecology) Clinic, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-ken, Japan
(pic: main hall a.k.a main waiting room of Nagano Sanfujika Byoin)
** itu br main waiting room, belum tmpt2 lain, lenkali g check-up I bwk kamera occay :)

Surprised on how luxury, elegant and stylish looks of the waiting room of the clinic?
Well, I am surprised on our 1st visit to the clinic. I was thinking will hubby have enough money to pay for the visit? sigh..maybe we should change to another clinic for the next check-up. (baru duduk kat kerusi 2-3mnt dh pk cenggini , belum lg keluar bil..check up pon x start lg hihihih)

We were introduce to the clinic by one of hubby's lab-mate who is also pregnant about 1week ahead of me, Nakashima-san.

She's only 23yrs old and in her final year studies of her degree.

Cute kan? Typical Japanese style of posing, peace!

As we already expected in the first place, the nurses cant really speak in English. Nakashima-san is being the 1st unofficial translator for us. Since, her English is not so fluent as well, it is quite difficult for her to translate everything that the nurse told us. Thus, hubby decided to pick up Afham. (budok-undergrad-org qelate jugop-...sian die tgh syok titun..time tu baru kul 9pg). The translation language is japanese --> kelantanese! cool
(pic dgn translator x bergaji -- Afham)

The nurse asked me about the previous report of my pregnancy and I handed them this book that I got from Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, Kota Bharu when I did my check-up with one of umi's friend: Dr Nik Azrita Ariffin.

I handed them this book (previous report from Msia) -->

At the end of the check-up, they handed me this book in return -->
This MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH BOOK must be kept properly until the baby reached 7 years old.

**Pssssttt : Sgt berbeza tahap ke'kawaii'an buku rekod kesihatan ibu msia dgn ibu jepang,kan?
(*kawaii = cute)

It was almost the same check-up with the one that I did during my 3rd month such as:
# weight and blood pressure
# urine test (for sugar and protein)

# blood test
(for blood type, HB level etc)

We waited for almost 2 1/2 hours before being called to see the obstetrician.... lapar do'oh doh maser nih. Upon meeting the Dr I was well aware that its a male obst and it is very rare to find female obst here in Japan.

Afham joined hubby & I in the check-up room (ye la,kalau x sapo nk translate weh?
mrgreen). Normal inspection took place where Dr asked me to lie down on the bed for obstetric ultrasound. New things that I've experienced during this 4th month check-up was:

(a) Fetal heartbeat
Its the first time for me to finally hearing the sound of my baby's heartbeat. through the ultrasound machine. I wanted to cry the 1st time I heard it. His/her heartbeat was way toooooo fast and Dr said that he/she is normal
and "genki-desu" (healthy).

(b) Size of uterus
The procedure that Dr carry out to measure the size of my uterus is by external palpation. It means that :-
Dr. will insert 1 to 2 fingers into the vagina of a pregnant woman to feel that the fetus is in the right place and then Dr will press down on top of the abdomen with the other hand to feel development of the baby/womb.
--> according to readings I found in the net: Dr examine with his hands simply so he can determine the size & growth of the womb & fetus, and any changes to the cervix whether it's starting to efface and thin for possible miscarriage or prepping for birth, ligament development of womb attachment, placenta growth and placement.

*sungguh2 masa ni malu gila babeng. tapi Dr tanya dulu ok ke tak dari segi agama Islam untuk dia teruskan check ni. Lagipon ada tirai yang memisahkan muka kita dgn nurse & Dr. so Dr cuma check bahagian sulit tu tanpa melihat muka kita la...huhuhuhu.

(c) Measurements in my baby development
--> (i) The Biparietal diameter (BPD)

    The diameter between the 2 sides of the head. Different babies of the same weight can have different head size. During this 17th weeks 5 days checkup, my baby's BPD is 3.9cm

    (ii) The Femur length (FL)

    Measures the longest bone in the body and reflects the longitudinal growth of the fetus. This time around, my baby is 2.0cm in length.

    (iii) The Fetal Weight Estimate (FW)

    On his/her 17th weeks 5days checkup, my little one is only 139g in weight....kecik je kan, tunggu la lagi 2-3 bulan :p

That was all for that day. Nurse has took my blood sample. Dr has perform his checkup. Now, its time to dig some money in hubby's wallet---> pay-time!!

Hubby: Ikura desuka? ( How much is it?)

Nurse: Ichi-mang (10 000yen = RM380)

Me: wat muka cenggini dalam hati je -->

That was some of the memorable experiences that I've undergo during the 4th month pregnancy checkup. I'll write about the symptoms during my 4th month in the next entry coz I dont want this entry to be any longer pon dah panjang bebenor gamaknye! mrgreen
Ketika itu Nabi Zakaria berdoa kepada Tuhannya, katanya: Wahai Tuhanku! Kurniakanlah kepadaku dari sisiMu zuriat keturunan yang baik; sesungguhnya Engkau sentiasa Mendengar (menerima) doa permohonan. - Surah Ali Imran: 38 -

I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon x keluar lg, dh sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

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wah wah wah...dah terer kecek jepung...sket lg abis dok ingat hok jerman ngan spanish hok blaja mace nok pecoh palo dolu-dolu....keskeskes...salam chomeyl (ado ko ore bui sale akhir ayat......adola tuuuu...)

yatie chomeyl said...

mano ado terer...reti skit2 meme doh slow2 x ingat doh jerman dgn spain wakakaka

nini said...

berapa kena bayar ucu...hehehehe..yang tu yg tya...

yatie chomeyl said...

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cabincrew are here to kick ur ass said...

eii..comel ok buku tu.nak!!

yatie chomeyl said...

kan...comel sangat buku rekod kesihatan ibu mengandung jepun nih...rasa nak simpan buku ni sampai anak dah besar panjang hik hik hik

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