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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Hubby and his new gadget

Last Saturday, hubby decided to buy a new 'toy' for himself and I (of course lah, harta hubby harta ku jua). This new 'toy' cost him 62800 yen (RM2400). rolleyes I know that deep inside his heart, he wanted to buy this camera for sooooo long but he waited for the right time to really buy it. After making some comparison with other product and not forgetting to consider on our family budget (remember haaa..i'm going to deliver my baby in 2 months time..banyak lagi nak pakai duit nanti wink), he finally make up his mind and go for NIKON D60! cool

The Nikon D60 is an inexpensive 10 MP DSLR that comes with an excellent 18-55mm VR lens plus 50-200mm VR lens and sold for 62800 yen at Kitamura shop. The Nikon D60 is a replacement for the almost identical D40x of earlier version. The D60, D40x and D40 are actually exactly the same cameras, differing only slightly in their internal electronics. cool

I would say that the driven factor for hubby to buy his new gadget is because we will be joining 4 other Malaysian family trip to Nagasaki this coming weekend and one of the place of interest will be the Huisten Bosch park. There will be a celebration of Tulip festival starting from February 28 to April 5, 2009. smile This moving Tulip Festival announces the coming of spring. You will find colorful tulips in full bloom throughout the whole resort.As for me, I don't mind him buying this camera as I'll be his model for all the shoot-thingy hiihihihi.. I told ya,I'm a cam-whoring freak. lol

His first touch on this camera was on last Sunday when we went to Imazu Sports Park and Imazu Agricultural Farm. We received tremendous support and not forgetting free tutorials from Abg Sheikh + Kak Liza, Abg Fizal + Kak Sofiah and Abg Saleh + Kak Nura as they were also using DSLR camera (but they were using the slightly higher version and better specs camera compared to our camera). They even trying on persuading Abg Shoiful + Kak Aishah to also buy this DSLR camera in order to be in this group hihihihi...(pastu sorang2 kene pangkah sebab sama je gambar DSLR dengan gambar kamera compact dia ekekkekek). lol

(his first few snaps)

Needless to say anything no more, enjoy some of the pics taken by hubby and I at the park and at the strawberry farm. Spare the unprofessional finishing touch on the photos as we still have lots and lots of skills to polished, guidelines to grab, tutorials to learn and tricks to take better picture in the future. idea

(picture taken by Junior Sensei Saleh, Kak Nura's hubby)

(inside the strawberry farm)

(some self-timer photos taken by the camera)

(hubby is trying on some artistic expression through his snapshots)

(my attempt on capturing hubby's photo pulak)

(my attempt on trying to be artistic also)

(i really love this 3 photos)

Pstttt:Don't worry boo-boo,even though the first few attempts was not good enough.... I'm always free to be your model. mrgreen

2 words of wisdom & comments:

k.liza said...

pas nie... pasti malatopp le model 2... hehe...

yatie chomeyl said...

model ni memang tunggu masa je nak malatoppp....lagi 2 bulan je lagi hehehhehe

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