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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part 5) : 4th month symptoms~

This entry is the continuation of the previous entry : ~Pregnancy and me (part 1) : 1st month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 2) : 2nd month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 3) : 3rd month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 4) : 4th month checkup~.

Readers are advised to read those entries before proceeding on reading this entry to alleviate mental sickness symptoms caused by the misunderstanding in the contents & issues discussed in this particular entry mrgreen

time-frame: December 2008
(14th - 17th week of pregnancy)
beginning of 2nd trimester

"Apabila seseorang perempuan mengandung janin dalam rahimnya, maka beristighfarlah para malaikat untuknya. Allah mencatatkan baginya setiap hari dengan 1,000 kebajikan dan menghapuskan darinya 1,000 kejahatan".


For the 4th month of my pregnancy days, I still have the symptoms from previous months e.g mood swings (rasanya symptom ni kalau x pregnant pon tetap ada gak hik hik hik), slight increase in vaginal discharge, headaches and food cravings.

Other symptoms that occured during my 4th month pregnancy was:-

(a) Breathlessness
Even if I'm doing nothing, I'm suffering for a little breathless. It will become worse if I am walking at the shopping mall or when I'm reciting Al-Quran for my baby...termengah2 macam baru lepas lari pecut 100m huhuhuh....

According to the pregnancy book :--> it is due to pregnancy hormones stimulating the respiratory center --> and also due to my uterus pushing up against my diaphragm as it grows. idea

Fortunately that my mild breathlessness doesnt affect my baby who's kept well stocked with oxygen through the placenta.

(b) Nasal Stuffiness
My nose has been stuffed a lot especially at night when I was about to go to bed..tak selesa nak tidur, hidung sumbat. ..korek2 hidung pon tak keluar apa2..sigh! cry

This I believe due to high levels of estrogen & progesterone circulating in my body --> increasing the blood flow --> mucous membrane of my nose start to swell --> producing more mucus than ever. idea

(c) Snoring
Hubby told me that I've been snoring loudly and easily more than I used to be. I am well aware that snoring can disrupt a good night's sleep for both snorer and bedmate --> but I didn't asked for it to happen, it appears without me even realizing it. confused
Kadang2 I can start berdengkur pada 2minit pertama melelapkan mata, wow...such a record kan? ;)

(d) Increased appetite
Unlike during my 1st trimester, entering the 2nd trimester as well increased my appetite. I'll be hungry in every 30minutes. In fact, I'm eating the same portion of rice as hubby is eating...menakjubkan sungguh! Dulu2 nak habiskan separuh pinggan nasi pon susah. Sekarang ni siap bertambah2.
Hubby was suprised as well with my appetite that he said, "dulu beras sekampit ni leh tahan 2 bulan. sekarang ni sebulan je kan?". question question question
I know that he doesnt mean anything by that sentences, tapi I merajuk + tak nak makan (walaupun lapar sgt2 dah) + menangis terisak2 cry macam budak kecik + mengadu dengan mak mertua --> hubby kena marah balik yea yea...hik hik hik. mrgreen

(e) Food cravings
During my 4th month pregnancy (time ni dah boleh ngada2 merengek2 nak makan macam2 coz dah depek semula dengan inik hubby), there are few foods that I craved. Usually, the food that I wanted to eat, will appear in my dream and I'll wake hubby up in the middle of the night just to tell him that I wanted to eat this food! rolleyes
Hubby terpaksa pujuk2 untuk sambung tidur dengan janji palsu manis yang dia akan cari makanan tu esok ataupun hujung minggu.

Unfortunately, as we were living in Japan, not all the food that I crave can be bought easily...sigh!
So, instead of simply hulur duit,bayar dan terus boleh makan macam di Malasyia, hubby & I have to cooked it on our own. cry

What do I mengidam for during my 4th month pregnancy?

(i) Doughnuts

I know there are doughnuts sold everywhere in Japan. but we have to make sure that it is doesnt have shortenings and animal fat as its ingredients --> damn difficult to find in Japan!.
kat sini kebanyakan kek dan roti ada ingredients yang dicampur dengan lemak pork oink oink kaler pink tu..huhuhu...

Hubby and I (dengan semangat waja) bersungguh2 uli dough dan buat doughnut pintal sendiri. Hasilnya?? Amazing! mrgreen

ye,memang tak malu puji diri sendiri, tapi sebab 1st time buat jadi sangat excited la

(ii) Pizza

For those living in Malaysia, you should be thankful because you dont really have to worry on the food you are eating.
I admit that here in Japan, there were a lot of frozen pizza sold at the supermarket, but the problem is its hard to find the one with only seafood without any ingredients2 yang boleh menimbulkan syak wasangka (pork oink oink kaler pink dikesan lagi di sini). redface

I baked my own pizza which is not as tasty as Pizza Hut + not as crispy as Domino's Pizza crust + not as cheesy as other pizza. Tapi, ok la untuk menghilangkan rasa mengidam kat tekak nih...huhuhu. biggrin

(iii) Udon

This is Japanese food that we can eat without any hesitation unlike other foods in Japan. It has been one of my favorite food here in japan that hubby has to take me at least once a week for eating out at Udon Shop. wink

Udon is a type of thick wheat-flour noodle and served hot as noodle soup in a mildly flavored. It is usually topped with thinly chopped scallions. The common toppings that we ordered is ebi (prawn tempura). Shichimi (seven flavor chili pepper) can be added for better and spicy taste.
(ebi udon)
(i'm enjoying my ebi udon with thinly chopped scallions in the front bowl )
(hubby mentekedarah prawn tempura)

I guess that were all about the symptoms I've go through my 4th month pregnancy.
I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon x keluar lg, dh sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

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nini said...

tak leh dah la mkn donut big apple...hehehe..tak tahu lagi ke jantina baby ucu..

yatie chomeyl said...

xtau lagi la angah, baby ni pemalu macam mommy dia hehehehe

umi nuha said...

pinggan yg ade donut pintal2 itu sangat familiar!!!

yatie chomeyl said...

familiar ko? hik hik hik...nok patoh doh pinggan nih :P

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