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Friday, 13 March 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part 7) : 5th month symptoms~

This entry is the continuation of the previous entry : ~Pregnancy and me (part 1) : 1st month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 2) : 2nd month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 3) : 3rd month~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 4) : 4th month checkup~, ~ Pregnancy and me (part 5) : 4th month symptoms ~, ~Pregnancy and me (part 6): 5th month check up~

Readers are advised to read those entries before proceeding on reading this entry to alleviate mental sickness symptoms caused by the misunderstanding in the contents & issues discussed in this particular entry mrgreen

time-frame: January 2009
(18th - 22nd weeks of pregnancy)
middle of 2nd trimester

"Apabila seseorang perempuan mengandung janin dalam rahimnya, maka beristighfarlah para malaikat untuknya. Allah mencatatkan baginya setiap hari dengan 1,000 kebajikan dan menghapuskan darinya 1,000 kejahatan".


Listed below were the symptoms and situations that I've encountered during my 5th month pregnancy of my first little baby.

(1) Heating Up

I feel hot and sweaty all the time these days, even when everybody else is cool (remember the fact that it was winter time at Fukuoka!). Though it was not as cold as I've experienced in Germany, but the temperature is still under 10deg Celsius at that time. Its always a definite yelling of "NO!" evil word everytime hubby wanted to turn on the heater! (hubby patut beruntunglah sebab dah tolong jimatkan bil elektrik).

Hot Mama

Eventually this hot stuff feelings was caused by my pregnancy hormones (as always), which increase blood flow to the skin and a bopped-up pregnancy metabolism. Nasib baik boyot time winter, kalau boyot time summer mau berpeluh masyam habis ketiak huhuuh. mrgreen

(2) My baby's kicking

I can already feels my baby's kicking activities , together with twists, rolls and punching he/she is perfectly mastering in my tummy. It was truly a memorable moment when I placed hubby's hand on my tummy to feel our little one movement as if he/she was saying 'hi' to mommy & daddy. Hubby even put his ear on my tummy to listen to baby's movement.

So sweeeeeetttttttt. wink wink wink

(3) Passing gas (a polite way of saying 'farting') mrgreen

I'm very bloated and I'm passing gas all the time like a young frat boy who easily fart in the class huhuuhu. At first, I thought it was caused by what I eat but eventually it has also something to do with my pregnancy (alasan nak salahkan baby hik hik hik ). A book about pregnancy were saying that constipation is a common cause of gas and bloating to pregnant woman.

Hubby cant blamed me when I told him this fact but he just bought this cute moo-moo air freshener just to pleased his own nose whenever he is in a sniffing distance with me. mrgreen

Pssstt: ada satu insiden masa shopping, tak tahan sangat nak terkentut. Pastu lepas je bom sebab time tu takde orang di sekeliling. Tak lama lepas tu ada sorang budak kecik lalu kat sebelah sambil kipas2 hidung dia..cehh..penghinaan sungguh...malu terpisat2 kat situ, pastu kena gelak dengan incik hubby pulak. cehhh. redface

(4) Dress-up

Dress-up here not really means that I opt for new clothes but more to put on make-up; though the fact is that I don't really know how to put on proper make up on my face. This weird feeling were going on for about a week. I'll put on make-up after finish cooking and right before hubby come home.

(konon2 make up gini la)

My mother in law were saying that it was a symptom of having baby boy, but I wasn't really sure about it coz this weird symptom lasted for only a week. After that week, I still put on some make-up but only when I'm going out (walaupun cuma nak pergi beli telur dan susu segar kat Marukio, eyeshadow dengan blusher wajib di sapu dulu..jenuh incik hubby tunggu aku bersiap). smile

(5) Laziness on performing household chores

I become so lazy these days to perform household chores i.e washing dishes, cleaning the house, washing clothes, tidying the bed and etc. I even don't bother to clean my own plate after every meal. I rather just longgok all those plates, pots, woks and whatever utensils that I've used into the small tiny sink and waited for hubby to come home and washed it for me ( teruk kan tahap kemalasan?). cool


(ni stok tak basuh lepas breakfast, belum campur dengan stok lepas lunch dengan lepas dinner lagi)

(6) Cook freak

Despite the fact that I'm lazy to do other household chores, I am so obsessed with trying new recipes and cooking some new meals for both of us. I'll browse through the recipe's blog and will try on some of the recipe which I happen to have enough ingredients to cook it.

DSCN4821 <-- I've made whipped potato for breakfast

IMGP5863 <-- I've made laksa Penang for lunch

IMGP5862 <-- I've baked milo muffin for high tea

DSCN4816 <--- For dinner, I've fried Ayam paprik (kan nurse suruh makan brokoli banyak2, so masak cam ni lah dalam usaha untuk mengikut arahan puan nurse)

DSCN4723 <--- Chocolate dorayaki for supper

(7) Food crave

If last month I crave for doughnuts, during this 5th month of pregnancy I craved for onde-onde (ore tua2 kat qelate panggil kekoh-kekoh chaaaa) and also a pack of coconut biscuits dipped with hubby's made kaw-kaw Milo.

It was not easy at first to find the right flour to make this kueh. So, I bought the flour used to make mochi (japanese famous cuisine) and used it to make my own version of onde-onde. Of course the colour is not green as I dont have daun pandan and I also dont have green colour food flavour to put into the dough. But, at least my baby's air liur tak meleleh sangat la nanti coz mommy dah dapat makan onde-onde yang di idam2kan sangat ni. kalau kat Malaysia, jangan harap la nak wat sendiri, start kereta pergi beli kat pasar malam..ngappppp! mrgreen


This is the coconut biscuits that I can easily finished one whole pack without sharing it with hubby. In fact hubby was not allowed to take even one piece of it (kedekut sangat2) but hubby HAVE TO..I repeat it....HAVE TO kacau the air milo yang kaw-kaw dan sangat pekat for me. Usually this order will come out from my lovely muncung lips in the middle of the night when hubby is already sleeping i.e 12midnight and above.(kejam kan?? nak wat camne, lapar tengah2 malam) cool


(8) Belly expansion

The belly of course is the obvious part of the pregnant body that's prone to expansion. This situation then lead me and hubby to go to mom & baby shop to buy maternity pants.


( 3 pasang jeans saiz 28 yang tak padan dah untuk beberapa bulan cry)


( seluar ibu mengandung saiz L eek )

I guess that was all that I could recall from the memorable moment during my 5th month pregnancy. It might be the same symptoms and might also be different symptoms encounter by other pregnant woman.

I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon x keluar lg, dh sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

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10 words of wisdom & comments:

k.liza said...

All those symptoms are quite similar to what i've experienced b4.. except no 3.. hehe.. and also no 6.. whipped potato & dorayaki are superb!! xmau tempek recipe ker?..

yatie chomeyl said...

aik..takder kentut2 erk? apsal tie sorang je kentut2 nih? hik hik hik

resepi2 tu amik dari web myresepi.senang dan seronok di buat :)

chubby bear said...

Pssstt: ada satu insiden masa shopping, tak tahan sangat nak terkentut. Pastu lepas je bom sebab time tu takde orang di sekeliling. Tak lama lepas tu ada sorang budak kecik lalu kat sebelah sambil kipas2 hidung dia..cehh..penghinaan sungguh...malu terpisat2 kat situ, pastu kena gelak dengan incik hubby pulak. cehhh.

~ya ampun woghih!! malunya!! hahahaha!! amacam baby? sihat?? geli tak time dia tendang2?

yatie chomeyl said...

meme malu xleh nok oyat time tu woghih hik hik hik..

mulo2 raso dio tende best la.lo ni dah sakit doh sbb baby dah besar, jadi xbyk ruang utk dio gerok..tende perut mommy mace tende bola huhuhuhu

tiey~ said...

br nmpak gmbr2..hehe..akak deliver baby kat sana ke?

yatie chomeyl said...

tiey >> aah, insya Allah deliver kat sini. dah boyot2 susah nak naik flight lama2 utk beranak kat msia

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

rasa2 cm , nanti, bila anak kak chomeyl baca blog ni..meti besh! hehe


yatie chomeyl said...

mahaf, dah dia reti membaca nanti..ntah2 blog ni pon dah x wujud hik hik hik

nini said...

skrg blh la mls nk wat keje rmh kata sbb pegnen..lps bersalin nnt tak der alasan dah ler..:p

yatie chomeyl said...

angah, dlm pantang nanti leh wat alasan x larat nak wat kije. lps bersalin leh wat alasan penat jaga baby pulak.hihiihhi..byk jer lg alasan lalalalala...

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