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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Journey to Nagasaki (part 3) --> the rest of Huis Ten Bosch area

This entry is the continuation of Journey to Nagasaki (part 1) --> Saikabashi Park and Nishikai Bridge. and Journey to Nagasaki (part 2) --> Huis Ten Bosch : Kinderdijk.

Huis Ten Bosch is a really wide area that is divided into 9 specific area i.e
Breukelen, Kinderdijk, Nieuwstad, Friesland, Museumstad, Binnenstad, Spakenburg, Forest Park and Palace Huis Ten Bosch. As we only spent 3 1/2 hours there, we cant really covered all the 9 area. The area that we managed to cover were:-

(1) Bruekelen

Upon main entrance to Huis Ten Bosch is the area of
Bruekelen. The attractions in this area includes Kasteel Nijenrode(castle display) and Teddy Bear Kingdom.
(in front of Kasteel Nijenrode)
(read the nihon-go lah kalu terer) cool
(mmuuaacchhhhh....sayangggg teddy sangat2) razz

We enter The Teddy Bear Kingdom for an admission fee of
200yen per adult. Of course I enjoyed each and every single moment inside this museum as it displays 1500 antique teddy bears collected from all over the world.
(di sambut oleh King & Queen of Teddy serta Father of Teddy Bear)
(incik hubby yang tak tahu menghargai teddy bear...terjelir2 lidah, kerat kang baru tahu)

This museum is a wonderland of heart-warming, delightful and extremely rare teddy bears collected from the 1900 ~1950’s. Most of it were specially designed teddies created by world-class artists and teddies from the most famous makers in the world.

It was told that President Theodore Roosevelt has become one of the important person behind all this 'teddy-bear-thingy' during his hunter session in Nov 1902. idea
(with the giant teddy --> 3.6m in heights and 500kg in weights...kusss semangat, beratnya)

(2) Nieuwstad & Friesland

Nieuwstad, the attractions includes The Mysterious Escher, Grand Odyssey, Flight of Wonder, Horizon Adventure Plus, Themerium, IFX Theater Kirara, Child Kingdom, Friesian Horseland, Magic Mirror Maze, Kindergym, Super Trick Art, Chocolate House, Cheese Market, Gourmand House and etc. However, we dont have time to explore all of them. At first, we wanted to go for Flight of Wonder but as I'm pregnant, it is not really advisable for me to enjoy the ride. 2-3x petugas tu mintak maaf sebab aku tak dapat naik..nampak sangat kot muka kecewa...sigh!.

Alas, we went to Horizon Adventure Plus and enjoy a 3D story telling enhanced with special effects including thunder, lightning, waves and downpour. The multi-language audio speaker were provided for a price of 200yen but it don't really help as its really hard to listen to the translation with only single-sided earphone. The admission fee for entering this is 600yen per adult.

We experienced the violent floods from Holland’s history in a powerful sensory theater. It feels like real watching the lightning, waves, rain and deluges of water approach with frightening realism, all brought to life by special equipment.

(in front of Chocolate House and Maurits Plein fountain)

(3) Binnenstad & Spakenburg

At Binnenstaud, attractions include Stadhius and Carousel. At Spakenburg, attractions include Marine Terminal, Porcelain Museum, Seaside wedding chapel and etc. As time is limited (ketua rombongan cik kiah suruh berkumpul kul 6.30ptg kat parking lot), we only went to the Marine Terminal and Seaside Wedding Chapel before hurried back to the parking lot.
(luvly view of sunset at the Marina Terminal)

The flower clock in front of the Stadhuis chapel become an ideal location for wedding photo session with the Stadhuis chapel standing watch in the distance. Artistically designed with seasonal flowering plants to create a motif that perfectly compliments newlywed couples.(owh..kitorang pon pengantin baru lagi walaupon dah boyot) mrgreen
(depan toilet yang sangat futuristik, moden & elegant)
(kasut terompah kayu sama sebijik cam yang ada kat Holland)

I was sulking so I asked for an ice-cream treat from hubby. Dengan susah payahnya incik hubby berusaha cakap nihon-go untuk tanya ingredients dalam aiskrim ni...akhirnya, tersengih2 gembira dan tak merajuk lagi sebab dah di beri upah aiskrim coklat yang mahal (400yen = rm15) rolleyes
(gembira dapat aiskrim, dah leh balik)

As I was already too tired to walk, we took a bus ride from Domtoren bus stop - Breukelen bus stop which cost us another 100yen per person. By 7pm, we headed to hotel before continuing the Journey of Nagasaki for the next day (20th-21st March 2009).

Psssttt: sebelum tdo, incik hubby dipaksa keluar gi beli gam gajah sebab aku nak lekatkan semula bahagian tripod yang retak huhuhuhu...sian incik hubby. lol

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