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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Latest addiction : Draw Something
Things have always moved pretty fast in the mobile games business, but the explosive success story of Draw Something has got to have set some kind of record.

In just seven weeks, New York developer Omgpop went from a struggling firm on the brink of bankruptcy to an App Store powerhouse with a $180 million (£113 million) buyout offer from CityVille developer Zynga.

The game, if you're the last person on Earth to have not tried it out, is classic Pictionary. A player is given a choice of words to draw -- a mashup of bog standard vocabulary (hammer, dandruff, rainbow) and pop culture icons (Bieber, Elvis, Vader) -- and doodles one for a friend.
The drawing is then stored on a server, and the other player gets a push notification on their iPhone, iPad or Android device. When they find time they can load up the game, guess the word, and then take their turn as artist.

Draw Something
+- The Draw Something app in use. Photograph: David Levene -+

It reached 35 million downloads across iOS and Android, and at a time Draw Something was the number one word game in 84 countries according to Apple's figures. The app is free, but users can cough up for in-game items like extra colours and tools to help guess words.
But the real question is: can this success streak last, like Angry Birds (whose space-themed spin-off just stole the iTunes top-spot from Draw Something), or will it fade out like so many one-shot apps before it? - source:


Mula-mula I memang tak ambik pot sangat pasal apps ni walaupun dah ramai orang duk kecoh2 kat Twitter. Tapi last week dah tergatal tangan pulak download apps ni, pastu terus addicted to it. Haisyyyy...nasib baik boleh control lagi addiction ni and I set my own rules untuk main game ni lepas dinner,masa lunch break , sebelum tidur dan lepas Subuh saja.

Tapi dah nama pun current addiction kan, kadang-kadang tu sambil melayan SN baca bedtime story dan sambil lipat kain pun sempat lagi nak melukis. Incik hubby pun dah perli-perli bila bini nya asyik duk melukis je sengihnampakgigi  ngeeeee.

 +- Yatie Chomeyl's masterpiece lah sangattt -+

Setakat ni rekod tertinggi ialah dengan my friend, dah mencapai 93 turns. Sangat mencabar okeh lukis kat iPhone sebab guna jari yang gemuk ni je. 

Eh eh eh opppsssss Ok la ye kawan2, dah lunch break ni....I nak sambung melukis dulu hahahahaha.

 +- highest record so far -+

Psssssttt : tak sedar diri pendidikan seni dapat C3 je masa SPM 1999 tu siul  ngeh3x.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

6 words of wisdom & comments:

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

weols plak pakat belajaq tulis kanji ngan betui kat iPhone semua canggih khen

zailamohamad said...

aku xreti gadget2 ni sebab handset pon chap ahyam:P

transformed housewife said...

bilola bulih nok raso pakai Iphone. huhu

Affieza said...

Pasni kalau amik subjek Pen.Seni lg blh dpt A lh ekh...hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

lady ayu : wah, kegunaan bermanfaat git u;)

zaila : chap ayam pun xpo, janji leh guno wat tepon dgn SMS

yatie chomeyl said...

kak nur : nti ipone muroh di msia, leh la pakai kot *xtau la bilo*

affieza : hahahha, btol3x

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