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Friday, 23 March 2012

Masjid & Halal Food in Sapporo
One of the difficulties faced by Muslims that live in foreign country is to find a place to perform prayer and also to find halal food; especially when you are traveling at the city that you've never been before. Thanks to the invention of Google Maps, we were able to locate Sapporo Mosque during our Trip To Hokkaido.

(1) Sapporo Masjid

This mosque is located at : 〒001-0014札幌市北区北14条西3丁目7-2. Or for those who cant read kanji, here's the English address: 3-7-2 Nishi, Kita 14jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido Prefecture, Postal Code : 001-0014. Phone 011-709-5008. Website :

+- us, in front of Sapporo Masjid -+
 +- information board -+

This mosque is actually a 2 storey building. The first floor houses the man's ablution and prayer room.

+- men's prayer room -+

The second floor houses women's ablution and prayer room. There is also activity room and cooking room in the 2nd floor.

+- 2nd floor of the masjid -+

We met several Indonesian Muslims when we went there. According to them, there are many Malaysian students in Sapporo but unfortunately we didn't meet any Malaysians in Sapporo during our visit.

Alhamdulillah, we were happy that we get to visit this masjid and get to know new friends here. Not to forget, SN is the most happiest kids on earth at the masjid because he gets to play at the stairs and mommy didnt scold or shouted at him at all *ye lah, takkan mommy nak jerit2 jerkah SN kat dalam masjid kot..maka bersabar je lah walaupun dalam hati membuak-buak nak piat telinga SN* mrgreen.

 +- SN is one happy toddler who gets to play at the stairs -+

Meanwhile, special thanks to the invention of iPhone and this new apps; Halal Japan created by Fuwafuwa Inc;we were able to locate two halal restaurants in Sapporo during our Trip To Hokkaido. Besides providing the  list of Halal Food in Japan, they also provide list of halal grocery shop and halal restaurants in big cities all around Japan.  There are 2 halal restaurants in Sapporo, and both were runs by Indonesian.

Halal Japan

(1) Kedai Kita

This restaurant is located near to the Sapporo Mosque. It is open after Zuhr prayer every weekday but I'm not sure about the operating hours during weekends. For more info, check out their FB page.

(2) Warung Jawa

+- in front of the restaurant -+

We went to this restaurant to have lunch during our 2nd day at Sapporo. This restaurant is also in a walking distance from the Sapporo Mosque. After Zuhr prayer we went to Warung Jawa. 

+- interior design of the restaurant -+

The owner is a nice lady known as Mbak Wiwi. According to hubby, she was quiet famous in Indonesia but he is not sure either she is a journalist or a TV presenter. She is very friendly, thus it makes you feel comfortable there even though it took quiet a while for her to cook our food, but we don't really mind that as we understand that she is the only cook at the restaurant.

+- yours truly with the owner of Warung Jawa -+

 +- kill the time by cam-whoring -+

 +- kill the time by entertaining SN -+

I ordered  nasi with ayam goreng and sambal while hubby ordered nasi with ayam belacan. The food was OK and we finished it with nothing left on the plate. mrgreen

+- me with my nasi & ayam goreng & sambal -+

 +- there's a signboard at the front entrance -+

Apart from restaurant, she also sells halal food there. You can get rempah ratus and other cooking ingredients from Indonesia and perhaps some of them are from Malaysia also. SN was very proud to be a model for this Halal Foods Hokkaido. Enjoy his pics! senyumkenyit.

 +- SN as freelance model at the Halal Food shop -+

So, if you happen to visit Sapporo in the future...I hope this entry will helps you in finding and locating Sapporo Masjid in order for you to perform your prayer and you'd be able to fill your stomach with good halal food.

JazakAllah Khayr (جزاك اللهُ خيراً‎) = "May God reward you with goodness."

Pssssttt : “Jumu’ah Mubarak!” to all of you...may this Friday brings barakah in your life..Ameen.

~ Thanks for reading this (^-*) ~

14 words of wisdom & comments:

Asmara said...

harga standard ke yati? tak kisah la kan yg penting halal. :D

zailamohamad said...

agak2 kalu aku g jual nasi khabu sano laku ko dok eh??


Eliss Mie said...

bagus la senang nak cari makanan halal.

transformed housewife said...

Wbak tu sore2 jah ko jago kedai makan & kedai jual bare2 tu?

☆*♥L@dy @yU♥*☆ said...

app iphone tue mmg sgt membantu nak dari halal food khen....ramai org indon yg buka kedai nyapa mesian jrng ekkk

Nida Mohd said...

Salam kenal..Follow blog ni already..
BTW bagus jugak kan ada apps macam tu senang nak search apa-apa walau kat mana kita berada, especially tempat makan dan tempat solat..

Affieza said...

Seronoknya SN main kt dlm masjid tu ekh...hehe

rosemyn said...

pandai SN posing tonggek2...supo mummy dio...hehehehehe

kakyong said...

singgah sini setelah sekian lama tak BW>...

x reti nak komen apa.. terpesona baca n3 ni sambil menikmati gelagat SN.. ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

kak As : aah harga stended .. so OK la :)

zaila : molek jugop tu, nanti kami gi make hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

Eliss : alhamdulillah, kemajuan teknoloi skrg ;)

kak nur : iye kot sbb xdop napok org lain pun situ

yatie chomeyl said...

lady ayu : sbb msian xnk stay lama2 kat negara org kot..nak cpt2 blk xleh la nk bukak kedai bagai hehe

Nida : thanks for dropping by ;)

yatie chomeyl said...

Affieza : tu la pasal, hepi bukan main sbb xkena marah dgn mommy

woghih : nurun la tu hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

kak yong : busy ye dh lama x BW ;)

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