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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

A police officer walk towards our car, smiled and then he popped out this question --> "Excuse me sir. Do you know that it is illegal to drive your baby without a child car seat?" ketukmeje ......... silent pause ..... looking at each other ... *muka pucat*..... slowly shake hah our head in refusal mode *wat2 geleng tak tahu padahal dah tahu..hahaha..what a clever act pinokio*

That's exactly what had happened to hubby & I at Fukuoka International Airport on 13th June. We were there to send umi & mak andak for their flight back to Malaysia. Baby SN was only 17days old that time. Considering that I've have just give birth and considering us as a foreigner, we were not charged for any fine *phew, penat legaaaa*. Thus we decided to stopped buy at the BOOK OFF Mall to buy baby SN's car seat to avoid any problem with police officer in the future.

After a while, we decided to go for Aprica Euro Turn Plus Hi deluxe Navy car seat. It is indeed the best choice for my baby as this car seat can be used for a newborn baby up to a 18kg toddler *dasar jimat cermat gatai lalu mengamalkan konsep long usage period*. The seat has six positions, from totally flat for newborns to fully upright for 4-year-old.

Key facts on Aprica Euro Turn Hi Deluxe Child Car Seat

  • "Thermo ventilation system" allowing air to circulate through seat
  • Suitable from birth - 4 years old
  • Soft padded seat
  • Lie flat position (adjustable)
  • 3 reclining positions
  • Rearward and forward facing seat with footrest
  • Dual head protection and leg protection
  • Complies with current European regulations ECE R44-03

What's with all this blabbering useful info into car seat all about?.garupale's part of my attempt to join MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest organized by MomBloggersPlanet. menari Check out the T&C on joining this contest by clicking here. While the yummyliscious fascinating prizes are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

~ Let's enjoy The Fairytale of Baby SN and his car seat siul~

Once upon a time, there used to be a chomeyl :eheh: little baby boy that was placed on his car seat.

His parents promised to brings him out for city sight seeing with one condition :gatau: i.e he has to stay in his car seat and behaves well i.e without crying.

He agrees with that condition and obediently sembah follow the condition without any hesitation.

Along the journey, he enjoy himself being put into that comfy car seat as it allows him to lie in the most natural position for newborns with his arms bent in the shape of a W and legs bent in the shape of the letter M.:astig:

Furtermore, a double trapezoid seat structure allows his arms to move freely, :ayuk: helping to prevent hip joint dislocation.

He is fully aware that his neck muscles, ligaments, spines are straight, and motor nerves and muscles are not yet developed. Thus, the dual head sleep protection keeps him protected while having comfortable sleep and biological rhythms.senyumkenyit

He also learns nerdfrom his mommy that those Marshmallow G Cushioning is a shock-absorbing structure that protects his brilliant brain (cervical vertebrae) and neck of delicate babies like him who are sensitive to vibration.

Eventhough it's summer season and the heat is rising drastically, he didnt feel uneasy to sit in his car seat because the seat also contains a built-in ventilation system,:wala: which regulates younger babies' body temperatures, preventing him from overheating.

He really enjoy his journey in the car seat as the looks is really great(which make him feel great as well) and the car seat has all that it takes to provide a comfortable, safe and satisfactory journey. He can even get a wild dreams
:sleep: while sleeping on it..hahahaha.

He arrives home with a happy feeling and hope to live happily ever after with his Aprica Euro Turn Plus Hi deluxe Navy car seat hehehe.

~ peace The End peace~

Psssstttt: bagus gak polis tu tegur sampai incik hubby terus decide nak beli..jadi taklah I lenguh sangat tangan nak riba baby SN time jalan2x kenyit hehehe.

15 words of wisdom & comments:

Farah said...

whoaaaa..canggihnye baby SN punye carseat..kat mesia tak dapat nih!

gud lak yatie!

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

wow~ nice car seat.. jimat beli 1 jek.. btw dun forget to buckle up the baby.. :)

azzamoro said...

good luck. canggih betul car seat. tak pernah nampak kat sini..

PadNani~~{@ said...

bestla car seat bb comfy for him:)

sib baek x kena summon kan..

BTW, good luck dear! best entry^^

yatie chomeyl said...

farah & azza >> oo,xde jual lg erk kat Msia?

zulaikha >> tu la, jimat hehe will buckle up him later..thanks 4 reminding ;)

nani >> sbb wat muka kesian, polis x jd nk saman haha

Hanz said...

Ku suka! Ku suka! Itu car seat sangatlah canggih lagi menawan! Oh, nak tunjuk kat hubby since dia suka sangat ngan barang Nippon.

Good luck baby Nazhan! :P

MamaAqil said...

cantiknyer nazhan nyer car seat,,gud luck yatie

yatie chomeyl said...

hanz >> tunjuk jgn x tunjuk..hehehe

mama aqil >> tenkiu ;)

Queenin Murni said...

salam singgah..

wow!!! i loike tha carseat very much!!!

xpernah jumpa lagi yg betul2 boleh baring camtu kat malaysia ni..:P jakun jakun...

Huda said...

rajin akak join contest ni ye :)
huda xde idea nak masuk contest..uhukz..

tp car seat tu mmg best!husna nye simple aje :)

kakyong said...

canggih sungguh carseat nih.. brp yuta yen nih... convert ke Rm brp? berbaloi la Mommy SN.. tgk keceriaan bb SN pun dah tau, carseat itu sungguh selesa... memang deboom... pandai lah mommy & daddy SN.. ;)
gud luck yer...

yatie chomeyl said...

Queenin Murni >> tenkiu singgah sini...ttp mulut tu, xmo jakun2 sgt hehehe

huda >> akak mmg gile contest kui3x

k.yong >> beli kat kedai 2nd hand je..x smp juta2 pon hehe. kat cni byk brg baru wpon jual kat kedai 2nd hand.. ;)

nurulzia said...

wah..bagus jugak menatang ni yek..bole adjustable..

mazni_azis said...

sedap sgh baby sn dok dalam tu...

The Mrs-Bride said...

OMG! cunnn nyer car seat!! husband & i tak beli car seat lg.. tunggu i abis pantang! babe, agak2 brape harga car seat tu in MY ringgit ekk? hehehehe.. agak2 gak, u bole belikan n post kt i tak?? hahahaha... seriously, niceeeee!!

p.s. ur babySN sooo comel juga! *wink*

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