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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

HooorayY MomBloggersPlanet Contest I

I'm having a lot of back pain these days. This, along with the oversize abdomen throws my body off balance all the time. I'm afraid that I wont be able to stand up at all by the ninth month. If I am standing with my belly thrust forward it even compounds the problem. Thus, hubby decided to help to ease the pain by buying me this 100yen hand massage. Though it helps a little, but it wont really subdue the pain away. The MomBloggersPlanet contest I organized by Mom-Bloggers-Planet arrived perfectly right on time as the prize offered is so tempting to me which is the one and only Osim Uvibe Massage (for mom!) worth RM230! cool

What is OSIM u-vibe massage? --> Ease strains and aches effortlessly with uVibe's pinpoint massage. Cordless and lightweight, you can carry the rechargeable uVibe wherever you go. Great as a travel companion as it slips easily into any handbag.

Yuhuuuu..yipppeee.....I'm giving myself a shot by joining this contest with the hope that I'll win this lovely prize. After all, "Nothing happens unless first we dream for it to happen!". So, I'll start to pursue my dream by telling about the terms and conditions to be fulfilled to join it. Here it is :-

Easy isn't it? Now let's start the kick-off! cool


Basically it has been clearly defined at the banner itself --> Where Malaysian Moms Unite!. Owh okie okie..I got it..but what else could I get from this 'planet'?

By joining this 'planet', your blog will be listed in a unique blog directory specially created for you - it’s free and an easy way to find and connect with other moms from Malaysia. As for me who is staying outside of Malaysia, this place is truly the best place to get connected with other moms and to still been able to 'smell' Malaysia odor right from here. wink

In short, Mom Bloggers Planet is a networking platform created especially for Malaysian moms. It uses English and Malay as the communicating language. But, don't worry if you are from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand or any tiny corner of the world, you’re most welcome to join this 'planet' as well and be part of it! *macam I lah kan, walaupun duk kat Jepang tetap mak join nyah* lol

(s0me of the hot mama's blog listed in the Mom Bloggers's Planet Blog Directory)

Pssstt....if you love being famous in the blogging world, you can now be popular as this blog directory will show who's blog is most popular *obviously mine is not that famous huhuhu*. But anyway, once your blog is listed, you will know how popular your blog is among the other blogs in the directory, cool enough huh? razz

(hey..that's my blog listed there!)

There is also special free tips & tricks for moms out there to earn extra money from Google Adsense, Nuffnang etc. Plus, you can also find blogging tips and tools given to improve your blog. *duit..duit...di mana kau duit* rolleyes

And if your blog is about selling some goods, this is a place where you can advertise your blog and sell your stuff in the market place. You can see various of goods advertised there such as secondhand, diapers, sling & carriers, toys & book, photos & videos, kids apparel, cupcakes and many more - for more info, just click on the banner image on the right.

*tak perlu jerit2 "mari2 beli barang2 yang makcik jual nih" dah* lol

(some of the goods sold in the Mom Blogger's Planet Marketplace)

Owh.... by the way if you guys are wondering what are the other prizes, here's a slide-show of all the prizes offered for the winners of this contest. If I cant win the grand prize, I don't mind to have any of the other prize as all of the prizes meant a lot for me and my baby SN. Plus, I haven't buy any Grobag for Baby SN yet..and it'll be the perfect travel sleeping bag for him! wink

So, what else are you waiting for? Come and join the one of the candidates to grab one of these tempting yummy bootylicious prizes. Good luck gurlls *and good luck for me as well* ! mrgreen

VOTE FOR ME!! just by clicking on this image!

5 words of wisdom & comments:

nurulzia said...

wah..sedapnye osim tu..huhuhu
yatie,selamat ke gune electrical kind thingy?coz hubby nurul ade beli jugak mcm2 tu..tapi xberani gune..huhuhu

R28est said...

ma..ape khabar?
bila mau balik?
bila nak bersalin?

yatie chomeyl said...

nurul >> x sure gak leh guna ke x time preggy...kena tanya yg lebih expert nih :)

imah >> baik je..sihat walafiat, makin buntal...due date 1hb 6 nanti. blk msia raya la kot (x sure lg gak)

kakyong said...

salam yatie chomeyl,
kakyong kagum ler dgn mak buyung ni, sentiasa penuh dgn idea & kreatif.. semoga baby SN juga mewarisi nya nanti..
kakyong kalo bab2 contest yg subjektif ni, memang payah sket nak mencuba nasib.. heheh, sah sah daya kreativiti tak mengembang...

yatie chomeyl said...

kak yong >> mak buyung takde kije sgt nak di buat..perah otak mausk contest2 jer lah..untung2 dpt bg hadiah kat baby SN nanti :)

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