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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Earthquake/Tsunami Mac 11 2011 - Fukuoka is safe, Insya Allah

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your kind words, prayers as well as concern about our condition here in Japan. For family and friends out there - the tsunami and earthquake you may have seen in the news hit Honshu, Japan's main island, on the Pacific coast. We are living in Fukuoka, Kyushu Island which is situated on the "left side" Sea of Japan coast, so this earthquake does not affected us directly. Our condolences and deepest sympathy goes to the people living in the affected area especially in Sendai.

[ET, 1:01 p.m. Tokyo] At least 398 people are dead and 805 are missing after the massive earthquake in Japan, the Kyodo News Agency reported Saturday. Earlier, the news agency said the death toll from the massive earthquake would likely surpass 1,000.

The death toll is likely to rise as there are few casualty counts yet from the worst-hit areas. It has been confirmed that two passenger trains containing an unknown number of passengers disappeared in a coastal area during the tsunami.
[full details : HERE] It has also been confirmed that a ship carrying 98 people was swept away by the tsunami. The current status of the ship is still unknown.[full details: HERE]

Last night, I was in ready-mode for any possibilities of tsunami to occur in our place too as our home is just 1km away from the seaside. Though I'm not that good in understanding Japanese language, I switch ON the TV 24hours to watch new updates from the news and also from Japanese government. I was sleepy but I can't go to sleep as I was worrying about so many things.

(1) I was worrying about my friend's (Hana Sakura) condition in Sendai :-
→ She is a student at Tohoku University and live in Sendai *the place which was severely hit by the tsunami*. Until now, I haven't heard any news about her and all I could do is just to pray that she and her husband is safe. My prayer goes to other Malaysians and Muslims living in Sendai right now, as well as to other people in Sendai. May Allah protect them from any danger.
→ I was hoping that they could survive from the waves, and if they are somewhere out there is going to be really difficult to live with no electricity, no gas, and no clean water source in this shivering winter. Plus, snow was reported too yesterday, which making thing worst for them.
→ Around 200 to 300 bodies were found in Sendai's Wakabayashi Ward, the Miyagi prefectural police said. Officials of the ward facing the Pacific Ocean said almost all of the approximately 1,200 households within a district for which a tsunami alert had been issued were affected by tsunami waves.

+- cars and plane as debris -+

+- sendai airport -+
+- sendai airport -+

# current update [1:14p.m] -> "minna buji to omou"- all Malaysian students is safe at the Evacuation Centre - Katahira Primary School & Otayamashita
# latest update [1:34 p.m] --> "Hanis berada di embassy dan masih selamat cuma masih tak pasti bila boleh pulang ke Sendai kerana keadaan di Tokyo masih belum stabil". --> source: HERE

(2) I was worrying about the tsunami alert in Fukuoka
→ As out home is just 1km away from the seaside, I set myself to be in "ready-mode" at all time. Though we are living on the 5th floor, I still think that 'prevention is better than cure'. I keep myself updated with latest updates about tsunami observation site which provide Estimated Tsunami Arrival Time; provided by the
Japan Meteorology Agency.

→ Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened so far and I keep praying that Allah will protect us from any dangers.

(3) Aftermath issues

→ The effects of the quake included visible smoke rising from a building in the Port of Tokyo with parts of the port areas being flooded, including soil liquefaction in Tokyo Disneyland's carpark.[full details: HERE][and HERE]

→ Shinkansen bullet train services in and out of Tokyo were suspended, though there were no derailments; Narita and Haneda Airport both suspended operations after the quake, with most flights diverted to other airports until further notice.[full details: HERE] Various train services around Japan were also cancelled, with JR East suspending all services for the rest of the day.[full details: HERE]

→ According to Tohoku Electric, around 4.4 million households in northeastern Japan were left without electricity.[full details: HERE] Several nuclear and conventional power plants went offline after the earthquake.

→ An oil refinery of Cosmo Oil Company was set on fire by the quake at Ichihara, Chiba Prefecture to the east of Tokyo.[full details: HERE] Major fires broke out elsewhere, such as in the city of Kesennuma.[full details: HERE][and HERE]

→ Japan's transport network suffered as well. Many sections of Tohoku expressway serving northern Japan have been damaged.[full details: HERE] Many railways services were suspended in Tokyo, with an estimated 20,000 people stranded at major stations across Tokyo. In the hours after the earthquake, some train services were resumed.[full details: HERE]

→ According to an unnamed official from Chunghwa Telecom, the earthquake has caused "some damage" to an undersea cable near Kita on the eastern coast of Japan but data transmission hasn't been interrupted.[full details: HERE]

As for this morning, [ET, 5:56 a.m. Tokyo] An estimated 6.3-magnitude earthquake has hit near the west coast of Honshu - the latest in a series of aftershocks and fresh temblors that struck on and around Japan's largest island within a span of 70 minutes early Saturday morning. A 6.2-magnitude quake hit at 3:59 a.m., followed by six more with magnitudes no less than 5.2. --> info from HERE

What's next for Japan? Robert Jensen, whose company assists in natural disaster recovery efforts, says, "right now Japan is in the life-saving, immediate-response mode, not the recovery mode. In the next several days as it moves to recovery mode, Japan will have to take care of its citizens and meet the basic needs of food, water and shelter." The Japanese are very good at this, he says, but the scope and scale this time are significantly greater. "Japan hasn’t seen damage like this since World War II."--> Read the full post at Global Public Square blog

The advantage about living in Japan is that they are very efficient in :-
(1) Providing latest information
Japan is located near an active subduction zone experiencing many earthquakes and tsunamis. Therefore, Japan has developed one of the most extensive tsunami warning systems in the Pacific, and worldwide. The following describes the local notification methods used in Japan:--> full details HERE
  • Simultaneous Announcement Wireless System (SAWS)
    SAWS is a system of transmitters and receivers installed by local authorities for all types of messages. Transmitters are located in the local government offices and receivers are placed in hospitals, schools, fire stations, emergency management offices and other locations.
  • Mobile Announcer System
    Fire-trucks equipped with loudspeakers cruise the areas which are not covered by the SAWS.
  • Television and Radio
    A tsunami warning is given the priority to interrupt ongoing programmes on both government and commercial television and radio stations. The message is either a subtitle on the bottom of the screen, or, a window which shows a map where the watch or warning applies; this is not possible for local tsunamis.
  • Sirens and bells
    In some villages, sirens are installed which prompt residents to turn on their radio or television for further information. Some villages still stick to tradition by clanging a bell to announce a tsunami warning.
  • Telephone network and word of mouth
    Some communities have created telephone networks but in some cases the only way to reach people is by going from house to house. Both methods are time consuming but necessary to reach populations that lack other warning systems.

(2) Providing evacuation site and essential aids
→ Immediate action on rescue activity has been launched. Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced the government has mobilized the Japanese Self-Defense Forces in various earthquake disaster zones. He asked the Japanese public to act calmly and tune into various media for updated information.
→ He also reported numerous nuclear power plants have automatically shut down to prevent damage and radiation leaks.PM Kan also set up emergency headquarters in his office to coordinate the government's response. --> full details HERE

(3) Japan's Strict Building Codes Saved Lives
→ Had any other populous country suffered the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Japan on Friday Mac 11 2011, tens of thousands of people might already be counted among the dead. So far, Japan's death toll is in the hundreds, although it is certain to rise. Over the years, Japan has spent billions of dollars developing the most advanced technology against earthquakes and tsunamis. --> read full details HERE.

Also, I want to say that joking about "whereabouts are Ultraman, Power Rangers, Gaban and etc" is NOT FUNNY AT ALL!. Try putting yourself in the victim's shoe; what if these happened to you and your family, would you still have the guts to be that super ignorant bitch and say some crappy things like that anymore?

While I'm writing this entry, things are going well here in Fukuoka and getting better in the affected place in the northeast part of Japan. Allah is sending us 'signal' to strengthen our faith and believe, and only in Allah's hand we can relies on and put our hope.

إِنَّمَآ أَمۡرُهُ ۥۤ إِذَآ أَرَادَ شَيۡـًٔا أَن يَقُولَ لَهُ ۥ كُن فَيَكُونُ
"His Command, when He intends anything, is only that He says to it, "Be' then (and there) it is - (Kun Fayakun)" - Verse 82, SUrah Yaseen.

Pssssssttt : bekerjalah seperti akan hidup 1000 tahun dan beribadatlah seperti akan mati esok.

21 words of wisdom & comments:

tiha said...

saya doakan keselamatan akak sekeluarga da seluruh rakyat malaysia di jepun .amin

syayassir said...

semoga semuanya selamat di sana... sedih betul tengok video2, dan gambar2 bencana....

rosemyn said...

semoga semua selamat. banyokkan solat hajat, baco Ayatul Kursi. insyaAllah ore doakan semuo kat sano dilindungi. woghih jago diri baik2 k. please keep updating ur fb so that we able to know your condition.

my pray and thoughts for all of you in Japan...

hugs and loves from ur woghih...

♥MAMASYAZA♥ said...

berdoa semoga semua kat sana selamat. akak tengok pun rasa berdebar debar, nikan pulak yg mengalaminya

Dayah said...

Salam Kak Yati,

Alhamdulillah akak & keluarga selamat. Bila tahu tentang earthquake in Japan 1st person in my mind Kak Yati & family. Alhamdulillah. Moga-moga tak ada apa-apa.

Risau juga kawan akak yang duduk dekat Sendai, Hanis. Moga dia dan Suaminya. Selamat. Tgk video pun dah kecut perut. Mudah-mudahan mereka selamat. Amin

Nadiah Sidek said...

moga semua rakyat malaysia kat sana selamat hendaknya. mudah2an cepat berakhir tragedi ni..

Fid said...

semoga semuanay selamat
kawan2 ai kat area tokyo sana ada yg berupdate ada yg tidak

zailamohamad said...

moga Yati & keluarga semua selamat..kami di sini sentiasa mendoakan rakyat Malaysia yg berada di sana

Semoga kita semua berada di bawah lindungan ALLAH selalu..aminnnn

Demi said...

Hi!My name is Alessandra. I'm in Brazil.
I have a niece working in a ship called Princess Cruises.
The itinerary of the ship, he would arrive in Fukuoka at 8:00 in the morning of day 11
and leave the port to 17:00 pm
Please help me to hear about the ships that were in the port of Fukuoka? please
Thank you so much
we are desperate for news.

transformed housewife said...

thanks for the updates dear. At least reading your entries will let us know that you guys are alright.

cikpuanhady said...

semoga semuanya selamat..

Jom skodeng :Notre Belle Histoire

Jom skodeng :Nak cari handbag LV, Longchamp, souvenir? Meh klik sini

Syigim said...

saya dtg dr ur sister's blog.

alhamdulillah your family jauh dr pusat earthquake tu. sgt teliti posting ni. thanks for the info, especially peringatan di akhir posting. saya takde sape2 yg kenal di japan, tp doa saya agar msians di sana semua selamat.

mygoldpen said...

dengar tv3 td kate sume rakyat malaysia kat jepun sume selamat...

take care yatie, harap semua selamat..

Affieza said...

Hopefully akak dan semua warga Malaysia kt Jepun selamat dari semua itu...

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

Alhamdulillah selamat.kazen eliss dan isteri & anak pun selamat disana.take care dear !

Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Alhamdulillah, dok teringat kat Baby SN sejak dengar berita tu. Walaupun jauh, berhati-hati sentiasa ye sebab dekat dengan laut,kan. Semoga tak berulang lagi tragedi ngeri ni tak kisah di mana-mana pun.

ZuLiana said...

alhamdulillah kak tie sekeluarga dan rakyat malaysia di jepun selamat..berat juga ujian Allah untuk penduduk Jepun kali ini..semoga umat islam bertambah beriman dn bkn islam dpt hidayah dr musibah doakan recovery process disana berjalan lancar..ameen.

yatie chomeyl said...

terima kasih untuk doa dan kata2 semangat dr kawan2 semua

Nt Gravity said...

Salam.. first time reading your blog... actually finding news about Fukuoka, Japan as my friend lives there and lost contact since last thursday....

Thanks to your entry i have a lil' bit of hope that they're all might be ok... Insya Allah....

See you u around~

Miela77 said...

Alhamdulillah..moga semua rakyat Malaysia di Jepun selamat..begitu juga dgn rakyat Jepun..ignore je la ckp2 bodo cam tu..depa x rasa apa yg org di sana rasa..huhuhu

shei said...

wow thanks God you're safe,, I have a Japanese friend lives there and he still haven't contacted me and i am worried about him,, But good to know that you're place were safe,,,and hoping that hes OK too..

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