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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Emergency Line

An emergency line has been set up for non-Japanese speakers, to contact in case any emergency or inquiries regarding to earthquakes and tsunami matters.

Tel : +81 050 5814 7230
Tel : +81 03 5366 6001

English, Chinese, Korean are available 24 hours a day.
Portuguese and Spanish between 9am-8pm.

2 words of wisdom & comments:

Oyis said...

rasa sedih sgt psl tsunami ni. Alhamdulillah, yatie sekeluarga x de apa2. semoga Allah bantu semua hamba Nya yg sedang megalami kesusahan ini. ramai ke student kita di Sendai?

saya pon rumah about 1km from sea, so mmg seriau la sgt tgk berita (walau pon x la affect pon UK this time, but ye la, berumah di tepi pantai....)

take care and keep us updated.

xeea said...

hope u & family are doing fine.

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