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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sweet and Bitterness in 6th May 2009 headline news


I was sooooooo berdarah gembira (bloody happy) this morning as Manchester United had booked their place in the UEFA Champions League final with a 3-1 victory over Arsenal at Emirates Stadium. They made it with 4-1 scores on agregat. *remember my previous post?*.

The first goal slides through Park Ji Sung in the 8th minute and on the 11th minute, Christiano Ronaldo created much damage to the Arsenal team through a superb free kick from a distance that beat a despairing Manuel Almunia.:sinchan The third goal scored by Ronaldo was truely the best team-work-goal in the history as Park-Rooney-Ronaldo worked together to create such a great goal in the 61st minute. :nggaya:

Thanks to a stupid unfair decision by the referee on giving Fletcher a red-card in the 75th min, consolidation goal was awarded to Arsenal team through a penalty taken by Robin van Persie. However, Manchester United are too good to be defeated (hey...MU is the Carling Cup winner and the top in the EPL table dude!). tepuktangan

I spotted Beckham looking soooo bloody excited as well while watching this game *mak buyung terus jerit..."hensemnyeeeeeeeeeee" walaupun time tu kul 4.30pg huhuhu*.ihikhik

~~ BITTER ~~

While reading Malaysian Online Newspaper this morning, I came across this news. It broke and shattered my heart into pieces. sedih

I couldn't say much except to feel sorry on her children and also to her husband. nangih Being pregnant as well, I truly felt so devastated with this news and I really hope that the snatch-thieves that did this will live in miserable for their whole life *bukan niat nak mendoakan keburukan untuk orang lain, tapi sebab rasa geram sangat2*. takbole

Al-fatihah buat arwah, semoga roh nya di cucuri rahmat dan semoga di beri kekuatan untuk suami & anak2nya meneruskan hidup.

# Update entry : # While watching Buletin Utama TV3 tonight, I found out that another woman which is 3 months pregnant Saripah Mohd Noor, 33, from Kampung Melawi, Bachok, kelantan died due to another case of the bloody-fucking-hell-damn-snatch-thief. She is also riding a motorcycle and on her way back home from her mother's house in Tumpat. Al-fatihah juga buat arwah.

Psssttt: kawan2 kat Malaysia, hati2 ye....peragut2 tak berhati perut ni macam terlalu bermaharajalela je, haram jadah kurang halal punya peragut!

5 words of wisdom & comments:

mazni_azis said...

Seronok la tu Mu mng...
Al fatihah untuk arwah...Hari ni juga jiran angah meninggal..sedih..:(

cik osh said...

Al-Fatihah. semoga roh ibu2 itu dicucuri rahmatNya...

idup estet sungai labu!!!

Nani~~{@ said...

Al Fatihah buat arwah..

kejamnya manusia (x sesuai kot panggil manusia) itu =(

Unknown said...


amboi sonok sakan makbuyung..bagus, mood hepi2 camni elok utk ibu2 nak dekat menanti hari...

skrg ni ramai benor peragut.. tu la sbb nyer en ayah tak bg ibu belajor naik motor, dia kata tak tahu lagi elok, sbb byk kes2 ragut ni..

yatie chomeyl said...

kak yong >> ok2, mak buyung akan cua utk sentiasa hepi2 di saat2 akhir ni. kak yong hati2 ye time jalan2..risau nih.

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