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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mother's Day ??

Since last week quite a number of my blogger's friend were posting entries about Mother's Day and how they cherished their mother so much. If you noticed I didn't write anything regarding the Mother's Day itself nor did I mention any celebration that I did for the 2009 Mother's Day. Am I that ignorance about this day? NO! takbole

The fact is that, this year mother's day has been a really tough day to me. Not because I'm pregnant for 36th weeks 6days and in the state of bad flu + bad cough condition but it was mainly because it reminds me so much of my late mother, Pn Hajjah Sa'adah Md Said. adus On last year mother's day, I didn't have time to celebrate it with her ( I was in Spain that time), but I got the chance to wish her through the phone *I still remember her excited voice to show that how much she's been waiting for me to call and to wish her "Happy Mother's Day Ma"*.

I tried to act cool when reading my other blogger friends entries about their mom but actually I'm not strong enough to leave any comments to let them know that I'm reading it. sedih

I tried to be as 'normal' as usual by not showing it to my hubby how I missed her so much because I don't want hubby to be worried about me. sedih

I tried to be happy as much as I could because I know at this state of pregnancy, I cant afford to be in sad emotional condition because it might harm my baby SN's feeling as well. sedih

However this 'menahan' feelings is killing me softly thus I need to let it go through this writing. Although she left me for almost 11months now, she is still 'alive' in my heart. Although abah is now married to another woman, arwah Ma remain irreplacable. Although I'm blessed with a loving Mother In Law (who will be arriving here in few more days to take care of me during my confinement), there are times that I still missed arwah Ma so much *especially time sakit pening macam sekarang*. nangih

I just want you guys out there who happens to read this entry to be as nice as you could to your mum *cliche je nasihat camni kan?* because you wouldnt know how much you'll missed her when she's gone. Thank you for reading this entry.....because in a way you've help to narrowing the sad emotion that I'm feeling right now as I know you'll take note on my cliche advice. nerd

Psssttt: My previous post about arwah ma can be read at Memoirs of Ma : LHR airport, Memoirs of Ma: Quotes of my family, and Friday the 13th. Masa tulis entry2 nih, I was not active here in blogspot arena, I was updating my blog thru my friendster blog.

7 words of wisdom & comments:


I am truly very sorry for your loss.
I lost my mother when i was 10,
While my mother still alive, i love to sing this song
“Where the mama gone, where the mama gone..
Far..far away..”
Dan satu hari lagu itu menjadi kenyataan. I feel my worlds is shartted!
Yati, i know it was the hardest thing.but we have to learn to cope with the loss.
Be tough! Doa untuk mak selalu ya..sedekahkah dia Al-Fatihah..Amin..

nini said...

Angah tau Ucu akan tulis entry psl untuk arwah...

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

salam,yatie-Selamat Hari ibu dan Alfatihah utk Arwah ibu.Moga Rohnya ditempatkn diklngn org2 beriman.Jgn putus doa utk nya ye:)

yatie chomeyl said...

kak NB >> i hope time will heal the pain. i'll learn from u :)

angah >> tenkiu 4 being so understanding all this time :)

Ummu AS >> insya Allah..amien .

Sidratul Muntaha said...

ayu pun tak buat yatie oii psl mak ayu
sedih arr
takmo arr
nnti yatie baca lagi sedu
mmg tak ready citer psl mak
beso sbnrnyer pengorbanan seorg mak ni
ayu nak sgt dedicate satu n3 psl mak tpi itulah
kekuatan tu xder
klu buat
nnti sngkut2 sbb byk nanes kenangkn mak
yatie apatahlagikan?
mak dh takde..
sorry i bring up your emotional side.

PadNani~~{@ said...

i'm hard n pain to imagine..=( semoga Allah bg kekuatan pd U ye Yatie..

Al Fatihah buat arwah ma Yatie

yatie chomeyl said...

ayu >> least bila di luahkan kat blog, benda tu x serabut dlm paler dah ;)

nani >> time kasih :)

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