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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

~Pregnancy and me (part 12) : 37th week ~

Readers are advised to read those entries before proceeding on reading this entry to alleviate mental sickness symptoms caused by the misunderstanding in the contents & issues discussed in this particular entry mrgreen

37th weeks pregnancy check-up

DATE: 16th May 2009
VENUE: Nagano Sanfujinka (Obstetrics & Gynecology) Clinic, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka-ken, Japan

For this 37th weeks check-up we went a bit earlier to the clinic as we have to attend the Family Day later on. Thus, it didn't cost me so much time on waiting this time. Usual check-up on my weight, blood pressure, urine test were carried out by the nurse. My weight is 58.6kg for this week which means that I'm losing about 0.3kg within a week. However baby SN has gain his weight and he is now 3kg! blur. My oh little boy dah semakin membesar dalam perut mommy, tapi tetap takmo keluar lagi isk3x. We asked for 3D-ultrasound but server error occurred, thus tak dapatla mommy & daddy tengok muka baby SN lagi huhuuu. sedih

(baby SN's face : 37th wks 5dys)

Upon internal examination to my cervix (the neck of my uterus) to see if effacement (thinning) and dilation (opening) have begun, Dr Nagano informed me that my cervix was still closed. With that, Dr Nagano confidently told me that we will have to wait for some more time as baby SN is not yet ready to come out this week....*baby SN memang suke dok lama2 dalam perut mommy siul*.

NST test was again performed by a nurse who straps two devices to my belly: One monitors my baby's heartbeat and movement; the other records contractions in my uterus.

(2 belts strapped on my belly)

Baby SN's heartbeat are shown on an electronic screen while my contractions are recorded on paper. A reactive non-stress result indicates that blood flow (and oxygen) to the fetus is adequate. According to my gynae, baby SN is in good shape of health but no contractions were detected from baby SN during that 30minutes the test was carried out *takmo keluar lagi ye, around takpe lah baby...duduk la lagi dalam perut mommy puas2*.

37th weeks symptoms

1) I'm Losing Weight but Baby SN Gained Weight

Since last week, I'm having difficulties to finish my meal. The portion of food that I'm taking is less than the portion that I used to take in the past few months. This mainly due to the fact that my belly is getting bigger that I found it quiet hard to sit and eat properly *terpaksa tinggikan pinggan letak atas lapik tinggi sket setiap kali nak makan nasi sebab takleh tunduk dah...perut terlanggar meja ekekkeke*. However this doesnt stop baby SN from growing as he managed to gain his weight and reaching 3kg in his 37th weeks *ada orang cakap kalau dlm perut dah 3kg, nanti masa bersalin lagi berat kan?* soal.

2) Baby Dropping

According to other moms here (mak2 dara kat Fukuoka ni), my baby seems to be 'dropping' already. 'Dropping' also called 'lightening' is what happens when a baby descends into mom's pelvic cavity --> a sign that baby's head is engaged in the upper portion of the bony pelvis *kira nya kalau ikut tips mak bidan dulu2, baby SN dah bersedia nak meluncur keluar la ni menari*.

In first pregnancies, dropping generally takes place 2-4weeks before delivery. However, you can drop 4 weeks before your due date and deliver 2 weeks later, OR, you can go into labor without having dropped at all gigil *jadi teknik ni takleh guna gak la untuk agak bila baby SN nak keluar huhuuh*.

<--- peminat perut mak buyung hik3x

3) Impatience and restlessness

I'm becoming less patience these days and I can easily being mad at hubby eventhough he done nothing wrong towards me marah *takde sebab pon kadang2 nak jadi beruang gak..sengal sungguh mak buyung, sian incik hubby*. After being mad to him for 5seconds, I'll feel the regrets and it made me feel restlessness xpasti *dah marah --> nyesal --> resah gundah gulana la pulak penguin boyot nih*. I hope all this craziness will not occur anymore once this pregnancy is over. Cepatlah baby SN keluar, kesian kat daddy kena banyak sabar dengan kerenah mommy nih.

(credit photos : Syamim)


Owh by the way, if you read my previous post on ~Pregnancy and me (part 4) : 4th month checkup~ , I told you about Nakashima (hubby's lab-mate) who introduced us to the Nagano clinic. Well, she has already give birth to her cute little daughter weighing 2.44kg about 11 days earlier than expected due date (EDD). *kalau ikutkan mak buyung pulak ada 13hari lagi dari EDD .. debar2x*.

(Nakashima-san with her hubby and newborn baby)

I am writing this entry to make sure that I'll always remember each and every lovely moment that I have encountered during my pregnancy. I hope that one day, whenever I'm pregnant for my next baby( 1st baby pon tak keluar lg, dah sibuk2 nak fikir next baby hihiihi)......this experiences that I'm having rite now will remain as a memorable experience in my life.

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10 words of wisdom & comments:

Ummi Salsabila said...

comella mak buyung pakai dress tuh.teringin plak ummi.kehkehkeh.
xlama lagi yeh! yey! sonotnye..kaki dah bengkak2 tak? if dah,dah dekat2 sgt lah tu..ummi dulu mmg betul.petande2 akhir US 2 hari sblom is kaki bengkak.

nini said...

Baby SN sayangkan mak dia tu sebab dok lama2 lam perut...besar jugak baby Sn sampai .30kg dah..Tu dok membesar lagi...Berapa la berat dia masa lahir nanti

@e_da said...

bestnya tgk baby kan... betul yatie setiap apa yg kita tulis hari ini akan jd kenangan tuk akan dtg.. kalau kita nak main ingat2 je nanti mungkin ada yg tercicir.. sweet memory apa yg kita sedang lalui ni kan.. wahh MIL nak jaga yatie masa pantang ek... baby sulung kan... byk kita tak tau...

Jiey^Mien said...

Dup dap dup dap hati ni nk tgk baby mak buyong!

yatie chomeyl said...

US >> kaki x bengkak lg huhuhu

angah >> tu la, berat perut dh nk bwk dia ni

ida >> tpaksa mntk tlg MIL dtg jaga sbb dua2 x tahu apa2 hehe

jiey >> demo pong debar jugop? hik3x

Jasfyra said...

xsabar nk tunggu baby kuar kan..bestnya..ada org kata kalo kaki bengkak dah dekat msa nk saya dulu xbengkak2 pun,tetiba bersalin..kikikiii

nurulzia said...

baby SN syiok duk kat dlm perut mummy dia..bole mkn mcm2..hehehehe
yatie bykkan berehat tau..

yatie chomeyl said...

jasfyra >> saya pon x bengkak, so tak tau la bile baby nk kluar

nurul >> tu la, klu die kluar leh mnum susu je xlehh mkn mcm2 dah hik3x

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Salam ,yatie stnd by ea klu dh rsa kerap sgt skt pnggng n abdomen,Kaki bngkak pn tanda2 jugak.
Nnt mtk hubby buatkn air selusuh n ready beg nk ke hospitl..hehe teruja nk tggu baby yatie keluar-msti comel n ceria mcm mommynya.

yatie chomeyl said...

Ummu AS >> air selusuh tu camne nk wat?

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