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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tips to get a New bag for Mother's Day!

Mother's day is now celebrated around the world though the date might be different according to the countries. Most of countries celebrate mother's day on the 2nd Sunday of May which means that for this year, Mother's Day is celebrated on 10th May. To brighten your Mother's Day 2009 celebration, in collaboration with MomBloggersPlanet are kind enough to give away a new bag for Mothers Day! *perghh..bukan senang orang nak bagi handbag free kan?* gatai . Now, here's the instructions to join the contest.

(easy cheesy isn't it? lets join before the contest ends on 15th May 2009)

Now, you might be wondering what can you get at AliceWonders? rindu

For those who loves designers inspired design, there are plenty of handbags that may suit your desire and at the same time offers reasonable price. You can find simply elegant, trendy, fashionable and charming designer inspired handbags that you have ever dreamed for before this. encem

(Designers Inspired handbags)

Not so much into trendy handbags? Owh, dont worry, AliceWonders provides you with other lovely option that offers classic corporate looks. senyumkenyit This handbag is suitable for career woman out there to complete your stylishly elegant look to go to work. This will surely boost-up your spirit to go to work everyday!.

(Classic Corporate handbags)

Still not satisfied with the options? Then, feel free to browse through the collections of Carryall & Totes. This kind of handbags I believe is suitable for mommies out there who loves to put everything inside your handbags. It's bigger space compartment will gives more convenient to the mommies to put your make-up, purse, hand-phone, baby's diapers, tissue, receipts, pen and etc etc..anything that you think you could fit in! love.

(Carryall & Totes handbags)

Not yet a mommy? Need a fabulous and bootylicious look to bring your laptop around with you everyday? AliceWonders offers varieties of chic and smart laptop bags is designed specially for you student and working women out there. nerd This laptop bags will surely divert the laptop-thief-attentions away from you because it doesn't really looks like a-usual-black-coloured-laptop bag at all. It will attracts other attention by envying your bag and at the same time, drives the thief's attention away from your laptop as they wont expect anything valuable inside the voguish bag, isn't that good?.

(Laptop bags)

If you are the type of persons who rarely changed your handbags according to the color of your outfit, I guess this casual fabric handbag is very suitable for you. Its informal look and better fabric will surely perfect for daily use. peace Apart from that, the occasional outlook design will definitely fits with any outfits that you are wearing.

(Casual fabrics handbags)

There goes some of the tips that I could think of to share with you girls out there *and also to you guys out there if you want to buy a handbag to your loved one* angkatkening, on how to select the perfect handbag according to your style. As for me, if I were given a chance to choose which handbag as a gift for this Mother's Day, I'll go for this Boog's Yellow Teddy Tote lapar which is made from faux textured leather and have top zip opens to single compartment with 2 inner pockets. Furthermore, it comes with teddy bear ornament that is too cute to be missed!

(Boog's Yellow Teddy Tote handbag)

"Me needs a new bag for Mothers Day because I wanted to drive people’s attention on how great my new look as a mother to my newborn baby.This way people will stop underestimate mommy’s ability to be fashionable yet being able to carry her job as a lovely mother. "

Ooppppss, sorry girls....I forgot to mention one more important thing!. If you buy any bags from AliceWonders before 31st May 2009, you'll be entitled to get a purse-hook for free....owh my..owh wonderful your life will be to get this for free? *wink wink*.

Pssstttt: This entry is part of my attempt to wins Mother's Day Contest organized by MomBloggersPlanet and AliceWonders. doa Wish me luck girls!.

11 words of wisdom & comments:

kliza said...

slm yatie, tgk pd komen yg yatie uat 2, mcm leh menang doh!

lawa2 beg dia kn?.. yg yatie pilih 2 pun chomeyl jer..

yatie chomeyl said...

kliza >> puh..mintak2 masin mulut k.liza hehe. mmg lawa2 beg dia berminggu2 perah otak nk tulis entry nih n pilih beg yg bkenan ;)

kakyong said...


makbuyung kalo buat entri pasal contest memamg gempak....mesti bleh menang ni...

yatie chomeyl said...

ala kak yong...kak yong pon ade chance nk menang gak. tp harap2 masinla mulut k.yong, leh la mak buyung bergaya nanti hik3x

PadNani~~{@ said...

shantek2la beg tu..

good luck to Yatiey k *_*

Hanz said...

Love your entry! U ni creative-lah, ada chan menang ni.

And, I like the bag u selected tu..memang rambang mata, kan tengok beg2 kat situ? Purse hook tu pun seperti sudah diangan-angankan....

yatie chomeyl said...

nani >> shantek kan beg2 dia? tenkiu 4 the wish ;)

hanz >> puh puh..masin jari hans hehehe. mmg amik masa sgt nak pilih beg tu sbb sume beg pon shantek2x...meleleh air liur hik3x

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Salam,insya Allah boleh menang ni yatie.
Huhu nak join tapi busy nak berperang..

yatie chomeyl said...

Ummu AS >> nanti dah habis imtihan, leh la join contest2 gak..hehheh..mak buyung saje join2 sebelum perut meletup :D

Mohd Syamim Bin Ahmad Kamil said...

next time kalau nak beli hadiah beg kat mak ngan kakak saye, saye mintak tolong akak leh?? hehehe

yatie chomeyl said...

syamim >> boleh2x, xde hal...nak suruh tlg pilih utk gf pon boleyyy ehehhehe *curi tagline paan*

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